2013 OHS Convention: Vermont

OHS Convention Organs 2013

Take a moment to check out the fine pipe organs you can visit at the 2013 OHS Convention, with headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. You'll hear first-rate performances, all celebrating the American pipe organ and its rich history.

Click on a link in the list below to see details about the organs for OHS in Vermot, 2012. Details will open in a new window or tab and may include photographs, stoplists, or other documents. If you haven't done so yet, you can go here to register for the Convention.


1820. Organ of unknown origin. Richmond, Round Church. Relocated and restored by A. David Moore, 2000.

1833. Henry Erben. Sheldon, Grace Episcopal. Relocated from St. Paul's, Burlington, in 1869, and relocated to the present building in 1878 by Samuel W. Parker.

1836. E. & G.G. Hook, Opus 36. Northfield, St. Mary's Episcopal. Altered by Hook & Hastings, 1875, and relocated from Warren, Rhode Island in 1892.

1837. Henry Erben. Highgate Falls, St. John's Episcopal.

1855. Wm. B.D. Simmons. Northfield, United Methodist Church. Relocated from First Congregational, Burlington, Vermont. Renovated and enlarged by A. David Moore, 1975.

1862. E. & G.G. Hook, Opus 306. Vergennes, St. Paul's Episcopal. Relocated from Medford, Massachusetts in 1875.

1864. E. & G.G. Hook, Opus 364. Burlington, First Baptist Church. Restored by Russell and Co., 1996.

1864. Wm. B.D. Simmons. Stowe, Community Church. Rebuilt and enlarged by Andover in 2003.

1865. Wm. B.D. Simmons. Northfield, St. John's R.C. Relocated from Burlington, College Street Congregational in 1886.

1866. Geo. Stevens & Co. Montpelier, Unitarian Universalist Church. Rebuilt by Andover as their Opus R-368 in 2003.

1868. Johnson & Son, Opus 253. Greensboro, United Church of Christ. Rebuilt by Andover as their Opus R-154 in 1972.

1868. Wm. Nutting, Jr. Williamstown, Vermont, United Federated Church. Rebuilt as their Opus R405 by Andover, 2004.

1869. Derrick, Felgemaker & Co. Shelburne, The Shelburne Museum. Relocated from the Methodist Church, Williston, Vermont, in 1958.

1873. E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings, Opus 699. Plainfield, United Methodist Church. Relocated from Cabot Congregational in 1938.

1884. Geo. S. Hutchings, Opus 135. Montpelier, Vermont College of Fine Arts. Rebuilt and enlarged by Andover as their Opus R-210 in 1978.

1888. H. Edward Smith. Hardwick. St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. Relocated from St. Albans, Vermont in 1982 and tonally altered by Andover in 1997.

1889. Geo. Jardine & Son. St. Albans, St. Luke's, Episcopal. Altered by Berkshire Organ Co., 1966, and later restored tonally by Andover.

1892. Ernest Desmarais. St. Albans, Holy Guardian Angels, R.C.

1893. Hook & Hasting, Opus 1567. St. Albans, First Congregational. Rebuilt and enlarged by Hale & Alexander, 1959.

1894. Geo. S. Hutchings, Opus 341. Randolph, Bethany Congregational. Restored in 1993 by Watersmith Pipe Organs, Inc.

1896. Hook & Hastings, Opus 1699. Cabot, The United Church. Relocated from the Methodist Church to the The United Church when the Methodist and Congregational churches merged in 1938.


1912. Estey Organ Co., Opus 1008. Randolph, United Church of Randolph.

1927. Estey Organ Co., Opus 2691, 1927. Vergennes, United Methodist Church.

1973. Karl Wilhelm. Burlington, St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral.

1975. C.B. Fisk, Opus 68. Burlington, University of Vermont.


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