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All organ builders who are represented by at least one organ in the OHS Database as of December 9, 2016 are included in the following table.

The builders appear in alphabetical order by the last name of the builder (if an individual) or by the name in common usage (if a firm). An entry in the "Distinction" column is provided to help distinguish one builder from another when similar names might cause confusion. To see a list of all catalogued organs by a builder, click the highlighted name in the first column.

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Builder Name Distinction
Lester S. Pepiot No distinguishing information available.
RCCO Halifax Organ Rescue Project Volunteer effort in Nova Scotia from 2015
Clayton and Rick Parks No distinguishing information available.
A. & J. Pipe & Reed Organ Service Newburgh, New York c.1970–1990s.
Rev. Arthur O. Aadland Minnesota
Aadland Pipe Organ Co. Valley Springs, South Dakota from 1972.
A. O. Aaland Rev. Aaland was in Montana, twentieth century. PROBABLY DUPLICATE OF 7651
Abbott & Sieker Los Angeles, California, 1961–1994.
Daniel F. Abrahamson Lawrence, Kansas, from 1961.
Acme Organ Company Acme, Indiana
Gilbert F. Adams Boston, MA 1958-1963; New York City, NY 1965-1980s; Charlotte, NC 1980s; Monroe, NC from 1992.
Jeremy Adams Danvers, Massachusetts from 1980s.
Jerroll Adams Milan, Michigan, from 1970s.
Welcome K. Adams Providence, Rhode Island, c. 1870–after 1883, but no later than 1890s.
W. K. Adams & Son Providence, Rhode Island, 1883-1890.
Adcock & Pether Built Bureau organ, c. 1760
Adema's Kerkorgelbouw The Netherlands, from 1855.
Advanced Design Pipe Organs no information
A. J. Aebel Organ Service Company Royal Oak, Michigan; Successor to A. James Aebel & Sons.
The Aeolian Co. New York City, c. 1887; Detroit, Michigan, 1899; Garwood, New Jersey, 1900.
Aeolian-Votey (Detroit) Detroit, Michigan, 1899–1901.
Aeolian-Votey (New Jersey) Reorganized Aeolian Company of Garwood, New Jersey, 1927–1932.
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. Boston, Massachusetts, 1932-1972.
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. New corporation formed 1983 by J. Hendrickson et al.
Ahlborn-Galanti European firm, division of GeneralMusic Corp, manufacturers of digital organs which can be interfaced with pipe organs
Jürgen Ahrend Leer-Loga, East Friesland, Germany 1960s
Ahrend & Brunzema Active Leer-Loga, East Friesland, Germany 1960s
Aircraft Organ Co. no information
Charles C. Aitken Organbuilders Granby, Connecticut, 1973; Harwinton, Connecticut, c. 1983–2011
James F. Akright Baltimore, Maryland 1970s-1991.
Alaska Music Supply Co. No information.
Alberdi-Marti no information
Alden Organ Services Texas, 1968.
Allegheny Pipe Organ Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1980s.
Charles W. Allen Seattle, Washington, 1947–1973.
Allen Organ Company Alternate name = Allen Organs
Joseph Alley Sr. Newburyport, Massachusetts, 1826–1851.
American Classic (Pipe) Organs DeKalb, Illinois, 1981; Courtland, Illinois, 1982–1985.
American Master Organ Co. New York City, New York, 1914–1916; Paterson, New Jersey, 1916–1917.
American Photo Player Co. Berkeley, California c. 1912–1925, corporate offices in San Francisco area, production moved to Van Nuys, California 1925–1929.
American Classic Organ Co. Chester, Connecticut prior to 2005.
American Organ Supply Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ca. 1990.
American Pipe Organ Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mark Andersen no information
Charles Anderson Denver, Colorado, c. 1875.
Richard M. Anderson Seattle, Washington
Marvin Anderson no information
Andover Organ Co. Methuen, Massachusetts ca. 1950–1970; Lawrence, Massachusetts from 1970.
Andover-Flentrop Nameplate used for an organ built by Andover in cooperation with Flentrop, Baltimore MD 1961
Norman André & Stephen Ketterer no information
Norman André Valhalla, New York from 1980s.
Alvinza Andrews Waterville, New York 1834–1854; Sangerfield (Utica?), New York 1854–1862.
David Andrews Penfield, New York, 1967.
George N. Andrews Sangerfield, New York, 1859; Oakland, California 1886.
James Andrews Richmond, Virginia, 1980s.
Alvinza Andrews & Son Sangerfield, New York 1850s
A. Andrews & Son Sangerfield, New York, 1850s
Angell Pipe Organs, Inc. Rye, then Port Chester, New York, 1960s.
Angerstein & Associates Stoughton, Massachusetts, 1983-1987.
Daniel L. Angerstein Organ Works Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1994–1998; Hendersonville, North Carolina from 1998.
Daniel (Dan) L. Angerstein Victoria, TX, 1967–1970; Boston, MA, 1970–1972; Wreatham, MA 1972-1983; Stoughton, MA 1983-1987; Hagerstown, MD 1987-1992; Grand Rapids, MI 1994-1998; Hendersonville, NC.
Ann Arbor Organ Co. Michigan, 1870s
American Organ Institute University of Oklahoma
Thomas Appleton Boston, Massachusetts, 1847–1850; Reading, Massachusetts, 1850–1872.
Thomas P. Archer Louisville, Kentucky, 1910.
Robert E. Arndt Ankeny, Iowa from 1966.
Artisan Classic Organ Inc. Markham, Ontario, Canada from 1990
Art Organ Co. Hoboken, New Jersey, and New York City, New York 1905.
Gilbert [Gilfert] Ash New York City, New York, 1750s.
Associated Organbuilders Saint Paul, Minnesota, operated by Timothy Patterson
George Astor No information
Les Ateliers Bellavance no information
William C. Atkinson, Jr. Organist in California, 1950s
ATOS Members ATOS Chapter
ATOS - Atlanta Chapter Atlanta, GA
ATOS - Manasota Chapter (MTOS) Sarasota, FL from 1964
Gordon S. Auchincloss Ohio 1970-72; Connecticut 1973-76; New York 1976-86; Pennsylvania/Connecticut 1986-95.
George Ashdown Audsley New York 1892-1910; California 1923; New Jersey 1924-1925.
Aug. Prante & Sons Louisville, Kentucky 1895-1901
Aultz-Kersting No distinguishing information available.
James Ausland no information
Harry White Austin Hartford, Connecticut, early 1900s.
Austin Organ Co. Hartford, Connecticut, 1898–1937; Firm name from inception until 1937.
Austin Organ Service Freehold, New Jersey, from 1980s.
Marc Austin Curator of organs, Eastman School of Music by 2011
Austin Organs, Inc. Firm name after reorganization in 1937.
Clele d'Autremont Pipe Organ Builder no information
George E. Babb Houston, Texas 1960s-1970s
Bach & Berg Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1875.
Johann Philip Bachman Lititz, Pennsylvania, 1793–1821
Augustus Backus Troy, New York, 1846–1851
Lodewijk de Baecker Dutch Builder, eighteenth century
Larry M. Bahr Michigan, 1980s.
Baird Industries Morrisville, Virginia, 1987.
James R. Baird Herndon, Virginia, 1978; Bealeton, Virginia, 1983–1987.
John Baker English before 1850; Boston, Massachusetts by 1850, Charleston, South Carolina 1859-1876.
William C. Baker Bolton, Connecticut, 1968-1979.
William E. Baker & Co. Sacramento, California 1963; Northampton, Massachusetts 1972; Florence, Massachusetts 1976; Hatfield, Massachusetts 1981.
William Baker no information
Balbiani Built Organ in St. Vincent Ferrar Church, New York City, 1926
Balcom and Provorse Seattle, Washington c. 1920-1925. Succeeded by Balcom & Vaughan.
Balcom and Vaughan Seattle, Washington, 1925–mid 1970s.
Balcom & Vaughan Pipe Organs Alternate form on nameplates from 1960s and early 1970s.
Balcom and Vaughan Pipe Organs, Inc. Firm name from incorporation ca. 1977.
Balcom and Vaughan Organ Builders Active in 2016
Balcom, Vaughan and Chase Seattle, Washington, ca. 1930.
John Baldwin Houston, Texas, 1994.
R.M. Ballantyne Pipe Organs Riverside, California from 1985
Ballard Pipe Organ Company San Antonio, Texas, 1980s to at least 2008.
Baltimore Church & Concert Organ Manufacturing Co. Baltimore, Maryland, 1884–1899.
James A. Bamford Forest Grove, OR
Banks Pipe Organ Company no information
Winfried Banzhaf Giengen, Germany, 1953-1960; Olso, Norway, 1960-1963; Austin, TX, 1963-1965; Los Angeles, CA, 1965-68; Venice, CA 1977-1989.
Barckhoff Church Organ Co. Pittsburgh, PA c.1878–1882; Salem, Ohio, 1882–1895; Mendelsohn, Pennsylvania, 1895–1897; Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 1897–1900; Pomeroy, Ohio, 1900–1913.
Carl Barckhoff [Sr] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1878-1882; Salem, Ohio 1882-1895; Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 1897; Pomeroy, Ohio, 1900-1913
Felix Barckhoff & Sons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1865
Barckhoff This is a utility name, to be used when an organ is by Barckhoff, but specific nameplate identification is impossible.
Barckhoff & Malarkey no information
Nelson Barden (& Associates) Newton, Massachusetts, from 1972.
C. V. Barden Co. Kalamazoo, Michigan area, 1960s-1980s.
William Barger Chattanooga, Tennessee, from 1960
Barger and Nix Chattanooga, Tennessee, from 1960s.
Barnes & Buhl Utica, New York, before 1920.
William H. Barnes Chicago, Illinois 1930s-1970s.
Barnest Buhl No information
L. W. Barnhart Parkersburg, West Virginia
Stephen Richard Barrell West Hempstead, NY. Installed 2nd hand organ in Long Island church c. 1976
S. H. Barrington Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1920s-1960s.
Wilson R. Barry & Co. Andover, Massachusetts, 1966; Exeter, New Hampshire, 1987–1996.
Wilson Barry Princeton, NJ 1950s; Erie PA prior to 1963; Methuen, MA circa 1963; Andover, MA 1966; Exeter, NH 1987.
F. A. Bartholomay & Sons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1900-1954.
James P. Bartholomay & Son Dorchester, Massachusetts
Bartola Musical Instrument Co. Oshkosh, Wisconsin, c. 1909-29; as Maxcy-Barton Organ Co. (Barton organs) 1929-1935.
Barton Organs Oshkosh, Wisconsin, c.1919–1935.
Carl Bassett Beverly, Massachusetts, 1921-c.1932; Boston, Massachusetts c.1932 - 1945; Reading, Massachusetts, 1946–1959; Oakland, Florida, 1959–1976.
Ira Bassett Barre, Vermont, c. 1860; Chicago, Illinois, 1868.
Peter L. Batchelder New York City, New York, 1980s.
Bates & Culley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1895–1921.
Moritz Baumgarten Jr / Baumgarten Organ Co. New Haven, Connecticut, 1868.
Giles Beach Gloversville, New York, 1853-1904,
Fred Beaks Worked in Reno, Nevada 1960s
Frank Beaman No distinguishing information available.
J. Bear Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania 1840s
David Beatty no information
Charles B. Beaudry Reading, Massachusetts, 1886-1933.
Philip A. Beaudry & Co. Sommerville, Massachusetts 1965-75; Lowell, Massachusetts, 1976.
Bechenholdt Missouri c. 1980
John Beck Dallas, Texas
John L. Becker Peoria, Illinois, 1982.
Klaus Becker German builder. With Rudolph von Beckerath 1947-1955; Own firm from 1955
Becker Pipe Organ Co. no information
G. O. N. Beckett Darwell, Alberta, Canada, 1920s.
Bedient Pipe Organ Company Lincoln, Nebraska, 1969.
Wm. Beeforth Hull, England early 19th century
Robert F. Beeston, Organ Builder Des Moines, Iowa, 1940s-1980s
Russell Behrends Lincoln, Nebraska, 1989.
Don Belshaw Denver, Colorado, 1973-1982.
Beman Organ Co. Binghamton, New York, 1919-1933.
Frank Beman & Son Binghamton, New York 1884-1919.
Alfred R. Bender Robbinsdale, Minnesota 1970s–1980s.
Bennett Organ Co. Rock Island, Illinois, 1908–ca.1927.
Clifford Bennett Kansas City, Missouri, 1950s-1960s.
Howard D. Bennett Nevada, 1970s.
John Bennett Early Keyboard Instruments no information
Bennett-Giutarri no information
Wilder Bentley Occidental, California, 1979
C. A. Bentschneider Brooklyn, Michigan, 1980s
Henry (Heinrich) F. Berger Baltimore, Maryland, 1849–1855; Jefferson Station, York Co., Pennsylvania, 1855–1862; in Tiffin, Ohio, 1862–1864.
Robert Bergford St. Louis Falls, Minnesota
Berghaus Organ Co. Melrose Park, Illinois, 1967; in Bellwood, Illinois as Berghaus Organ Co. from 1973
John Bergstrom New York, late nineteenth century
John E. Bergstrom San Francisco, California by 1875–1900.
Berkshire Organ Co., Inc. North Wilbraham, Massachusetts 1954-1968; West Springfield, Massachusetts 1968-1989.
Berns, Pels, and Zoon Netherlands
Walter Berry North Tonawanda, New York; 1910s-1955
Berschdorf Organ Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Brookfield, Wisconsin, 1950s–1960s.
Bergstrom & Co. John Eric Bergstrom, San Francisco, California, ca. 1875-1900.
Charles (Karll) Besch Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1880–1960.
Howard Best Montevallo, Alabama, 1970s–at least 1989.
William L. Betts Colebrook, Connecticut, 1980.
W. T. Betts No information
Fred Betts no information
Henry Bevington, & Sons Soho, London,England, active 1794-1870s
Bevington & Sons London, England
Paul Bibel Salem, Oregon
M. L. Bigelow & Co. Provo, Utah, 1978; American Fork after 1984.
Keith Bigger Queens, New York City from 1980s
Alan Binger Eastern Organ Service, New Jersey
Arthur Birchall Boston, Massachusetts, mid 1900s.
Bishop & Son London since 1795
Bishop Organ Co. Wakefield, Massachusetts 1990s; Arlington, Massachusetts ca. 2000
Ronald C. Bishop Co. Maplewood, New Jersey 1980s; Westville, New York 1990s
Augustin Bittner no information
Lyle Blackinton & Associates, Inc. El Cajon, California 1960s-ca. 1996.
[Dr.] Eugene Blackstone Birmingham, Alabama, 1980s.
Charles Blair no information
Gary Blaise San Francisco, California, date unknown.
Blakely Organbuilders Charlotte, North Carolina from 1968
Blakeslee-Colby Five organs in OHS Database have this nameplate, no other information available
Homer D. Blanchard (Pipe Organs) Oberlin, Ohio, 1954–1973.
Prosper Blanchard St. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, 1902
Joseph E. Blanton Pipe Organs Albany, Texas 1980s.
J. W. Blunk Portland, Oregon
Blythe & Kennedy Ottawa, Canada, c. 1830
Edgar Atkinson Boadway & Co. Methuen, Massachusetts, 1962–1966; West Springfield Massachusetts, [no date] and Active 1985–1990.
Curtis W. Bobsin Louisville, Kentucky, 1997; San Antonio, Texas, from 2003.
Boehling no information
Herman Boettcher & Sons Dallas, Texas, 1950s to at least 1980;
Elmer Goetz To Battle Ground, WA 1984. 4 organs by 1990. Doing business as EEG Associates in 1991.
Goetze & Gwynn No information
Bogue Organs Downer's Grove, Illinois 1980s
Johann [John] Bohler Reading Pennsylvania, 1847-1867?
Samuel Bohler Reading, Pennsylvania, 1850s–1860s
Martin Bohling no information
David Bohn Racine, Wisconsin, 1992
Bohn Organ Co. Fort Wayne, IN 1930s
Bernard Bolt West Michigan, 1060s
Ralph E. Bolton Weston, Massachusetts, mid 1900s.
Bolton no information or clarification
Bond Pipe Organs Inc. Portland, Oregon, from 1976.
Richard Bond Los Angeles, California, 1968–1976; Portland, Oregon from 1976.
Bond Organ Builders, Inc. Alternate name, Bond Pipe Organs, Inc.
Aurèle Bonin St. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, c. 1944.
Chris Bono Staunton, Virginia, 1988.
Jesse B. Bookhardt, Jr. Winter Park, Florida, 1948–1953; Sanford, Florida, 1956; Orlando, Florida, 1957–1991.
Preston Q. Boomer Science teacher, San Lorenzo, California 1950s-2008
Werner Bosch In Niesetal-Sandershausen, Germany, exporting organs to U.S. from 1970s
Bosch/Schlicker No Information
David A. Bottom Lexington, Kentucky, 1980s.
David Bottsford Of Ct. In Wooster, OH 1848. With son, William B. Bottsford.
Albert Bowders Pipe Organ Company Baltimore, Maryland, from 1980s.
J. Bowen no information
Frans W. M. Bosman Portland, Oregon, from 1983.
George Bozeman Jr., & Co., Organbuilders Deerfield, New Hampshire 1976-2010?.
Bozeman-Gibson Deerfield, Massachusetts 1976-1982.
Bradford Organ Co. Evanston, Illinois from 1986. (Successor to Prairie Organ Co.)
Bradford Braley Installed a used Kimball in Birmingham, Alabama in 1944
A. W. Brandt & Co. Columbus, Ohio, 1932–1981.
Brant Organ Co. no information
Breckels & Matthews Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1890s-1911
Vernon Breitkreutz Unknown locations 1965-80; San Antonio, Texas, 1980-?
Paul Brendel St. Louis, Missouri, 1988
Brennan, Gleason & White Boston, Massachusetts c. 1896–1902.
John D. Brennan Boston, Massachusetts, c.1896-c.1920.
Ed Breunjes Indiana
Richard Bridge Built organ for Trinity Episcopal, Newport, RI in 1733
John Bright London, Ontario, Canada 1950s and 60s
E.B. Brodeur no information
David Brodie and Tim Cook no information
John Brombaugh & Associates Middletown, Ohio 1968-76; Germantown, Ohio; Eugene, Oregon 1977-2005.
Mark Brombaugh No information
Edward Bromfield Boston, Massachusetts, c 1740s.
David Broskowski Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Samuel B. Browerman Louisville, Kentucky ca. 1981.
John Brown Highland, Illinois, c. 1915.
John Brown Wilmington, Delaware, ca. 1885–1898.
Richard Brown Active England ca. 1870.
Mervin Brown No information
Steve Brown Clinton, Pennsylvania
Philip L. Browning Sacramento, California
Eli Bruce Templeton, Massachusetts, 1767-1839
Jim Brumbaugh no information
Walter A. 'Gus' Brummer Lawrence, Kansas, 1935-1937; Granite City, Illinois 1937-1940s.
Brunner & Heller Organbuilders Marietta, Pennsylvania, 1981–1984.
Raymond J. Brunner Marietta Pennsylvania, 1981; Silver Spring, Pennsylvania, 1983–1995.
R. J. Brunner & Co. Succeeded Brunner & Heller; Silver Spring, Pennsylvania, Oct. 1984-1989
Brunzema Organs Inc. Fergus, Ontario, Canada 1979–2006.
William A. Brys Charlestown, New Hampshire, 1986.
G.M. Buck Pipe Organs no information
Anthony A. Bufano New York City, New York, 1964-1994.
Fr. Thomas Buffer No distinguishing information available.
Joseph Buffington Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mid to late 1800s
Buhl Organ Co. Utica, New York 1926-1940s
Joseph Ferdinand Bulitschek Lititz, Pennsylvania, 1765–1771; Bethania {Wachovia}, North Carolina, 1771
Julian E. Bulley Pipe Organs Dayton, Ohio from 1906
S.G. Bullions & Co. West Pittston, Pennsylvania, 1950s-1984.
William J. Bunch Seattle, Washington 1939-1956?; 1966-1983; Boston, Massachusetts, 1956-1966? Seattle, Washington, 1966–at least 1983. 1980s.
Bunn=Minnick Co. Columbus, Ohio from 1970s.
Burdett No information
Hugh Burdick no information
Murray Burfeind Goodhue, Minnesota, 1980s.
Burger & Schafer Findlay, Ohio, 1970s.
J. David Burger Findlay, Ohio, 1976.
Burger Organ Co. no information
Burgess-Keith Pipe Organs Grand Rapids, Michigan 1995-2000
Burlington Pipe Organ Co. Burlington, Iowa, 1899–1912.
Eugene Burmaster North Tonawanda, New York from 1950s.
Alex Burnhardt Stettler, Alberta, Canada in 1981.
Andrew Burridge See Andrew Burrage
Richard Burrows United Kingdom, 1990s
Friedemann Buschbeck From Dresden, Germany. To U.S. c.1989. Round Top, TX 1997.
Joel Butler Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1835–1872.
John-Paul Buzard Urbana, Illinois 1981-1989; Champaign, Illinois from 1989.
Buzard Pipe Organ Builders Champaign, Illinois from 1989
John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders Alternate nameplate
Rowland G. Byerly With George L. Payne, Richmond, VA in 1967
Yves Cabourdin Of Carces, France, 1998
Pascoali Caetano Portugal 1700s
Charles Caine No Information
California Organ Co. Van Nuys, California ca. 1915, aquired 1917 as Robert-Morton,
Campbell, Colin A. (Organ Service) St. Joseph, Missouri, 1960s–1970s.
James Campbell Long Island, New York, 1923–1961.
Canadian Pipe Organ Co. Limited See Compagnie d'Orgues Canadiennes
Cannarsa Organs Pennsylvania 1928–1989
Joseph Capistrant no information
Carey Organ Co. Troy, New York, from 1977.
Leonard A. Carlson East Greenbush, New York 1970–1988.
Roy E. H. Carlson & Co. Boston, Massachusetts, 1963; Newburyport, Massachusetts c.1970–1975.
Roy Carlson no information
Paul Carlsted Van Nuys, California, 1900s.
Phillip C. Carlstroem No information
Carolina Pipe Organ Works no information
Patrick J. Carr Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, prior to 1990; Stowe, Pennsylvania, 1990 –1991.
Bill Carson no information
Jim Carson no information
Casavant Utility name, used when exact nameplate form is not known
Joseph C. Casavant Sr. St. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, 1840–1866.
Casavant Brothers Branch factory of Casavant Frères Ltée. in South Haven, Michigan 1912-1918
Casavant Brothers, Ltd. Alternate nameplate
Casavant Frères Ltée. Ste. Hyacinthe, Québec 1879-1994; after 1994 as "Casavant Frères."
Casavant Frères Ste. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, after 1994.
Casavant Frères, Limitée Alternate nameplate
Bruce Case English trained. Began own firm c. 1990. Active in Stoughton, WI 1995
Catlin & Bacon no information
CATOE (Chicago Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts) No distinguishing information available.
Giuseppe Cavalli Piacenza Active in Italy in 1850's.
John Cave Organ Co. Evansville, Indiana 1970s
Cavelier Organ Builders Buffalo, New York, 1972–1983.
John Cawkins Munhall, Pennsylvania, from 1990s.
Central Pipe Organ Services Bentonville, Virginia
Charles E. Chadwick New Bedford-Fairhaven area, MA, tuner; in Reading, MA by 1902
Albert Chagnon St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1901
Donald E. Chance Jacksonville, Florida, 1992–1996.
Chance Organ Co. no information
Chant & Jackson Chicago, Illinois, 1869–1870.
Henry William Chant Chicago, Illinois, by 1855–at least 1870.
Chapel Music Company Lithonia, Georgia, 1994
Chapel Organ Co. Winston-Salem, North Carolina 1980s.
Chapelette no information
Chapell & Co. Liverpool, England late 1870s.
Joseph Chapline, (Organs) Pennsylvania, 1953-1985; Newbury, New Hampshire, 1985-1989.
Geo. A. Chapman New York City, 1880s-90s
Thomas Chapman London England. Active 1779
Terry Charles Clearwater, Florida, 1980s.
Chase Organ Co. (Sidney Chase) Worcester, Massachusetts from 1950s to at least 1989.
Brother Roger Chingas no information
Church Music Service Chicago, Illinois, 1984.
Church Organ Co. Edison, New Jersey from 1954; Plainfield, New Jersey.
Nigel Church No Information
Church & Company No information
Father Diego Ciera no information
Storey Clamp Austin, Texas 1965-1967; Dallas Texas 1967-1969; Boston 1969-1972; established firm 1973
Clark & Fenton Nyack, New York 1923-ca. 1932
L. T. Clark Newark Valley, New York ca. 1850; Berlin, Wisconsin, 1869; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1871; Nebraska, 1878.
Linus M. Clark Portland, Oregon, c. 1890.
M. A. Clark & Sons Nyack, New York ca. 1898; succeeded by Clark & Fenton, 1923; reestablished and active ca. 1932-1945.
Clarke, Kinsley & Co. Indiannapolis, Indiana, 1874-1875.
William H. Clarke & Co. Indianapolis, Indiana, 1875-c.1881.
Eugene Clay No Information
Sherman Clay & Co. San Francisco, Piano sales from 1870, organ service during 1920s.
John Clemm [Johann Gottlob Klemm] German born, in US (Philadelphia, New York and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) 1733-1762
George Clisbee Marlborough, Massachusetts, mid 1800s.
John Closs Cincinnati, Ohio, by 1853.
Clough & Warren Detroit, Michigan, 1874-1910; 1912-1917.
Richard Coates York (now Toronto) Canada, 1820-1861.
Coburn & Taylor Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1900-1909.
Coburn Organ Co. Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1909–1934.
Colberd Amateur organbuilder, in Virginia
Roger A. Colby, Inc. Johnson City, Tennessee, 1979–1984 as Kimber-Allen, from 1984 as R.A. Colby, Inc.
R.W. Colby, Inc. no information
Cole & Treat Partnership of James Cole and James Treat, MA 1907
Cole & Woodberry Massachusetts, 1886–1899.
Cole Church Organ Co. Boston, Massachusetts ca. 1906 (James Cole)
James Cole B. 1854 England; in U.S. before 1885; Massachusetts ca. 1885-1932.
Cole James Cole; Massachusetts ca. 1890-1934; several forms of name on nameplates.
Robert Coleberd No information available
Coleman Pipe Organ Gary Coleman, Benton, Arkansas
Chester S. Collier South Bend, IN, by 1965
Edward Collins Troy, NY, 1945
Robert Collins no information
Colorado Pipe Organ Service No information
Columbia Organ Works Columbia, Pennsylvania from 1987.
Combs Organ Specialists Newton, KS late 20th century.
Commette & Reinhardt Active in Providence, RI, c. 1870s; last listed 1905.
Compagnie d'Orgues Canadiennes Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, 1910; closed c. 1930.
Compensating Pipe Organ Co. Toronto, Ontario 1899–1901; Battle Creek, Michigan 1901–1906.
Ben Comstock no information
Peter Conacher & Co. Huddersfield, England from 1854
Consolidated Pipe Organ Builders Belleville, Illinois, 1976; active in 1983.
Contemporary Pipe Organs no information
Steven R. Cook Edmonds, Washington and West Seattle, Washington.
Walt Cook no information
Mark Cooley Newburg, Pennsylvania
Jeremy Cooper New England 1962-68; Ohio 1968-69; own firm Hartford CT 1969; Concord NH 1982
Cooper, Gill & Tomkins Pretoria, South Africa 1930s
Corps and Sons Finsbury Park, London
Corrie & Hubie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1831–1837.
Henry John [James Henry] Corrie, (& Co.) London, England, 1811-1822; Windsor, Vermont, 1822-1823; Boston, Massachusetts, 1823-1827; Philadelphia,c.1828-c.1837. Pennsylvania, 1828-58
William Archibald Corrie Boston, Massachusetts until 1827; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by 1828.
Cortese Pipe Organs Ormond Beach, Florida from 1980s
Joseph Cortese Lighthouse Point, FL, 1979
Cortese and Payne Michael Payne and Joseph Cortese
Thomas H. Cotner Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1989
Kenneth Coulter apprentice with Noack firm of Andover, MA; established firm in Eugene, OR, 1974
Robert I. Coulter - Organbuilder Atlanta, Georgia from 2003
Don Cover Riverside, California
Larry Covington Austin, TX
Jerry W. Cox No distinguishing information available.
CPO inc. Aurora, Illinois
Henry Crabb Flatbush, New York 1838-1860.
Fred Cramer Taylorstown, Pennsylvania
Richard Crane no information
Peter Crisafulli No Information
Crome Organ Co. Los Angeles, California
Edward A. Crome Los Angeles, California
Crossan-Savage Organ Company no information
Crosson-Savage, Inc. no information
Bill Crouch Active Yazoo City, MS c. 1988
Andy Crow Olympia, Washington
William Crowell Mount Vernon, New Hampshire 1830 - ca. 1852.
John M. Crum Studied organbuilding in NJ, mid-1960s; built first organ, 1979; established Crum Pipe Organs of Cobleskill, NY; active in 1985
John M. Crum Pipe Organs Active in NY state 1980s
Harold B. Curryer No Information
Czelusniak et Dugal, Inc. Northampton, Massachusetts, from 1970.
R. A. Daffer, Inc. Fulton, Maryland from 1980s
George (?) Dallam English builder
Dallas Pipe Organ Service Hilliard, Ohio
Garvin J. Daniel Birmingham, Alabama 1960s - 1980s
Ralph Daniel no information
Darrow Pipe Organ Service Sioux City, Iowa 1987.
Clele D'Autrey Portland, Oregon 1980s
Robert L. David Chicago, Illinois/ Houston, Texas from 1980
Grahame Davis & Associates Scottsdale, Arizona, c. 1980s
Davis & Ferris New York City, NY, 1844-1849
Roger E. Davis Holland, Michigan 1960s-1980s
William Henry Davis New York City, NY, 1844/1845-1849; New York City, NY, c. 1849;
William J. Davis Buffalo, New York, c.1875–1880; Chicago, Illinois, c.1892–
William Davis & Son New York City, New York, 1849–1909.
Jerry L. Dawson Kansas City, Missouri from 1980s
A. & J. Dayton Wolcotville, CT 1840-50s
Louis Debierre No Information
John DeCamp San Francisco, CA, 1967-1984; established own firm, 1984, free-lance voicer; with Rosales firm of Los Angeles, 1985; active 1990
Peter Dederichs Detroit, Michigan 1840s
William Degothseir Worked in Berlin, Maryland ca. 2000
DeGraff No Information
Jose Maria Suarez Perez de Lara Active Durango, Mexico c. 1850.
Delaware Organ Co. Tonawanda, NY, 1956; owned by Colby family, 1967; active in 1989.
Paul Delisle With Angerstein firm of Stoughton, MA, 1987
DeLisle Pipe Organ Co. Fall River, Massachusetts
William H. Delle Chicago, IL, 1950s-1970s
Harold W. Demarse Queensbury, New York
S. H. Dembinsky Grand Rapids, MI, 1967; a founder of Visser-Rowland Associates of Houston, TX, 1974; in Ann Arbor, MI
Clark DenBleyker Kalamazoo, Michigan
Howard P. Denton Shrewsbury, Massachusetts from 1970s
R. A. Denton & Son Hamilton, ON, Canada, c. 1980s
Derrick, Felgemaker & Co. Buffalo, New York 1865–1873; Erie, Pennsylvania; 1873–1875. Succeeded by A. B. Felgemaker, 1875.
Napoléon Dery, (Déry) Québec City, Québec, Canada by 1874
François Desautels Facteur d'orgues Otterburn Park, Québec, Canada
Deseret Pipe Organ Co. No information
Ernest Desmarais St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, 1860-?. St. Albans, Vermont, (USA) by 1892.
Robert Dial Organ Service Representative of Moller firm of Hagerstown, MD, in Springfield, IL, 1974; active 1991.
Robert G. Dial - Organ Builders Springfield, Illinois
J. B. Didinger & Co. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1893-1903
Christian Dieffenbach Bethel PA 1769-1829
David Dieffenbach Bethel PA 1798-1872
John Jacob Dieffenbach Millersburg (Bethel) PA 1744-1803
Thomas Dieffenbach Millersburg {now Bethel}, PA 1821-1900
Philip Leonard Dieffenbacher Turbotville, PA, 1892-1899
Diego Cera Las Pinas, Philippines
Di Gennaro-Hart no information
John Dill no information
R.W. Dirksen Nebraska and Illinois, 1920s-1966; Florida 1966-76
Charles Dirksen Co. Australia, 1960s
Wayne Dirkson Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1950s.
J. B. Dittinger Listed as builder of c. 1898 organ at St. Peter Claver R. C., Phildelphia, PA.
Chandos G. Dix Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1890-1940
D. Leslie Smith Fergus, Ontario
DMP Classical Organ Mfg. Corp. Marina Del Ray, California
Dobson Pipe Organ Builders Lake City, Iowa, from 1974.
Lynn A. Dobson St. Peter, Minnesota, c. 1971-1973; Lake City, Iowa, 1974-Present.
Trevor Dodd Battle Creek, Michigan
Nelson Dodge, Church Keyboard Center Pasadena, California
Dodington & Dodington no information
Doerfler Pipe Organ Company Ohio from 1960s
John W. Dolan Delaware and southeast Pennsylvania from January 2000.
Conrad Doll Lancaster, PA 1772-1819
Dommer Organ Co. Eau Claire, Wisconsin 1980s
Thomas Donahue No Information
A.A. Douglass, Jr. Harrisonburg, Virginia 1980s
Douglass No distinguishing information available.
A. Eugene Doutt South Dakota, 1980s.
John Dower and Company Lincolnton, North Carolina from 1989, name changed to Lincoln Pipe Organs LLC in 2013
Dowling & Blackinton California
Joseph Downer in western PA, c. 1785; operated mills, and cotton spinning machines near Fayette City, PA; chamber organs.
Ralph Downes English organist, organ designer, teacher and music director, b.1904 d.1993; organist at Princeton 1928-1935, altered Skinner organ in Princeton Chapel
Craig P. Doyle Boston, MA, to c. 1971; Wheaton, IL, 1971-1980; St. Louis, MO, 1980-1983; Hagerstown, MD, 1989, engineer
Harry A. Dresser Boston 1908-1914
Cecil Ducharme Castleson, Vermont 1960s
Watson Duchemin Charlottetown, Canada, c. 1850
Ducroquet French builder
Brantley A. Duddy Cedars, Pennsylvania 1970s-80s.
Duddy No information
William Dunklin Tennessee
G. Edwin Dunlap Pipe Organs Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Melvin W. Dunn Salt Lake City, Utah; Louisville, Kentucky, 1987–1989.
Charles Edward Durner Quakertown, Pennsylvania 1914-1932
Charles F. Durner Quakertown, Pennsylvania 1861-1914
Henry J. Durthaler Ohio
Durthaler Organ Company Columbus, Ohio
David Dutton Mont Vernon, NH, organbuilder before 1833, active in 1850
Duys Organ Co. no information
Randall Dyer & Assoc., Inc. Jefferson City, Tennessee, from 1967.
Dykman Pipe Organ Service No Information
Thomas Stephen Eader, Jr. Ellicott City, MD mid 1900s
Earl Read No Information
Earle No Information
Earle & Bradley Riverhead, New York, 1870s
George W. Earle & Son Hampstead, New York ca. 1890-1906
Eberhardt-Hays Music Company Wichita, Kansas. Erwin Henry Eberhardt (1872-1947) and Frank Delmar Hays (1873-1940)
Otto Eberle Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1928-63
Harry J. Ebert Organ Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1968
Brian D. Ebie no information
Edison Organ Company no information
Grant Edwards No information
Eifert & Stoehr New York City, NY, c. 1899; active in 1927
William J. Ellenberger Ohio, 1980s
J. T. Ellenberger Organist, New Bern, North Carolina
Thomas Elliot English, 18th century.
Vernon S. Elliott Charleston, South Carolina from 1950s; with Ontko & Young 1980s-1990s.
Jack Ellis ONe organ in Yarrow, BC, Canada ca. 2005
Elsener Organ Works, Inc. Deer Park, New York
Emery Brothers no information
Steven Empson Worked in New York, 1980s.
E.M. Skinner, Inc. Lake City, Florida, 1960s. [Possible error]
Ernest M. Skinner, Inc. Reading, MA, 1949-1959; Oakland FL, 1959-1976; Boston MA, 1972-1987
Engelfried & Hadden Active in New York City, c. 1880
Francis [Franz] Xavier Engelfried New York City, NY, 1853-1875.
David Engen Maple Grove, Minnesota from 1990s
David Engen & Associates Maple Grove, Minnesota
David Engen Organbuilder Additional Nameplate, David Engen
George Pike England English, (ca.1765–1816); son of George England
England and Hanson Ontario, California
England & Son Organ Builders no information
W.D. Enman York, England, early 20th century
Henry Erben New York City 1827-ca. 1875; branch in Baltimore, 1847-1864.
Peter Erben New York City, New York, ca. 1817–1861.
Henry Erben & Co. New York City, New York, 1874–1879.
Ericksen, Christian and Associates no information
Thomas Erickson Red Wing, Minnesota from ca. 1970
Erickson & Burfeind Minnesota
Christian Eriksen & Assoc. no information
Harry Essen Buffalo, New York from ca. 1910
Essex Organ Company no information
Estey Organ Co. Brattleboro, Vermont, 1901–1959.
Estey Organ Corporation no information
Don Etheridge no information
Eule Orgelbau Bautzen, Germany
EuroTech Pipe Organ Services no information
Russ Evans no information
William Evans Lockport, IL, c. 1870
David Evans no information
James Evans Built his own residence organ
Doug Eyman Millersville, PA, 1982
Gustav Fabry with Moller Maryland 1930s-1955; Moller representative, Illinois 1955-1975
Fabry Inc. Illinois from 1990s
Falk Organ Company no information
Fanjoy No information
John Allen Farmer Georgetown, Massachusetts, 1970-1976; Deerfield, New Hampshire, 1976-1978; Eugene, Oregon, 1978-1979. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from 1979.
J. Allen Farmer, Inc. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from 1979.
Ross Farmer no information
Farrand & Votey Organ Co. Detroit, 1887-97, reed organs; began pipe organ work 1889; acquired assets of Roosevelt firm 1893; pipe organ business succeeded by Votey Organ
Farrell Organ Company San Antonio, Texas from 1980s
Farrell & Van Zoeren No information
Faucher Organ Company, Inc. Robert Faucher, Springfield, Massachusetts and Biddeford, Maine after 1982.
Fedor & Jackson David Fedor and David Jackson; restored 1872 Garrett House organ in 1977
Chris Feiereisen Pipe Organ Service Manitowoc, Winsconsin from 1980s
A. B. Felgemaker Co. Erie, Pennsylvania, 1875–1918.
Fenris Organ Company no information
Vic Ferrer San Francisco, California.
Ferris & Stuart New York City, 1858-1860.
Richard M. Ferris, (& Co.) Active New York 1830-58, with Henry Erben; partnerships with others including Levi Stuart, Henry Leamen, William Davis
Philip Feyring Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1750s–1760s.
Zeno Fideli No Information
Finch Organs David Finch, Florala, Alabama from 1980s
Timothy Fink no information
Firth & Hall New York City, New York, 1820-1847.
Fischer Organ Co. Erie, Pennsylvania from ca. 1980, Active 2015
Paul E. Fischer Pipe Organ Sales & Service Erie, Pennsylvania, 1978–2015
Cleveland Herman Fisher Washington, DC, area mid 1900s
C. B. Fisk, Inc. Gloucester, Massachusetts, from 1961
Charles Brenton Fisk Redwood City, California, 1951-53; Cleveland, Ohio, 1953-1955; Methuen, Massachusetts, 1955; Gloucester, Massachusetts
Fisk/Rosales Joint ventures: C. B. Fisk and Manuel Rosales
Eric A. Fiss active in Fargo, ND, c. 1960
Tom Fitches Toronto, ON 1996
Charles A. Flaherty Hutchings Organ Co. of Boston, MA, 1 Oct. 1914
Flentrop Orgelbouw Dutch organbuilding firm
Flight & Robson No Information
James D. Flood No Information
Bill Floyd Rebuild a Wicks in Richmond, Virginia, 1980s
J. Fluette St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1943
Foley-Baker Inc. Bolton, Connecticut 1968-84. later Tolland, CT and Mt Sinai, NY, active 2015.
Foley-Biggers Organ Service Milwaukee and Shorewood, Wisconsin from 1980s.
George T. Foot [Foote] Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1876, 1877; Denver, Colorado, 1912; Arvada, Colorado, 1913.
James Ford no information
Samuel Forest No Information Available
Forster & Andrews Hull, England ca. 1850-1900.
James T. Fort Representative of Casavant firm of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, in TX, LA, and AZ. Appointed Reuter representative 1996
John T. Fort Dallas, Texas, c.1950–2016.
Joseph Foster Winchester, MA 1842-1845; Keene, NH, 1845-1866
Robert Fouser Pipe Organs Plymouth, Michigan 1960s
Brian M. Fowler Owner/Operator: Fowler Organ Company
Fowler Organ Company Lansing, Michigan, from 1978.
Rev. E. B. Fox No Information
George Elliot Fradenburg Kansas City, MO, c. 1905-1920
Phillip Frank no information
Franklin Pipe Organs no information
Frazee Organ Co. Everett, Massachusetts 1920s-1930s
Marion R. Frazier III no information
Freiberger Orgelbau Active Hugstetten, Germany 1973
Rubin S. Frels Owner-Oprator, Frels Pipe Organs, Victoria Falls TX. 1951-circa 2010
Frels Pipe Organs Victoria Falls, TX 1951–2010
Carl J. Frenning Dedham, MA, 1960s
David Friedell Organ builder, Newton, NJ; curator of organs at West Point
Paul Fritts & Co., Organbuilders Tacoma, Washington from 1990.
Fritts-Richards Organ Builders Tacoma, WA, 1979-1990; succeeded by Paul Fritts & Co., Organbuilders from 1990
R. Byard Fritts Washington State, 1950s-1960s.
Paul Fritts Tacoma, Washington
Fritzsche Organ Co. Allentown, Pennsylvania from 1932.
Frobenius Orgelbyggeri Copenhagen; later Lynglby, Denmark, from 1909.
Charles Fruhstuck Pipe Organ Service Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1980s
Carl Fudge No Information
Alfred Führer Active Wilhelmshaven, Germany 1968-77
Josiah Furbish Maine c. 1827
Fred Furst York, Pennsylvania 1940s-60s
Thomas L. Gagan No information
James Galvin Active Florida in 1990's
Ganter and Schumacher Baltimore 1880s?
William P. Gardner New Haven and Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1840-1895
Dan Garland Fort Worth, TX from 1980s
James Raymond Garner (Associates) Redland, CA 1974-76; established Raymond Garner Associates of Crestline, CA, 1976; Kila, MT, 1982
Marc Garnier German Builder? Alsatian?
Ken Garst Peotone, Illinois, 2008.
Joel Gary Grand Rapids, Michigan
Smith Gauntt Active in Denver, CO, 1963
Geddes Pipe Organs Austin, Texas
Geib & Co. John Geib, Sr. - New York 1802-1803. Succeeded by John Geib & Son.
William Geib New York City, 1822-27
John Geib & Son New York, New York 1805-1813
Albert C. Gemünder (Gemünter) Ludwigsburg, Germany, early 1800s, Springfield, MA, by 1852; Columbus OH 1860s
Geneva Organ Co. Geneva, Illinois after 1924. Built organs under the names "Smith Unit Organs," "Geneva Organs" and "Smith-Geneva Organs."
Jacob Gerger & Son Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1920s.
August Gern Established 1866, London, England
Charles W. Gibson Co. New Jersey, 1980s-90s
Edmund Giesecke German by birth; Evansville, Indiana ca. 1872-1909
Gilbert & Butler East Cambridge, Massachusetts, c. 1892-1902
Charles R. Gill Active Cardiff, Wales late 19th century
Fred Gillis No Information
Israel Gilman Massachusetts, 1970s
Robert Gladden Audubon, New Jersey 1980s
Glatter-Goetz Orgelbau Germany from 1993
Rudolph Glatz with Welte firm of Poughkeepsie, NY, 1910s
Glück Orgelbau New York, New York from ca. 1985-1995; Succeeded by Sebastian M. Gluck Pipe Organ Builder
Sebastian M. Glück With Mann & Trupiano of Brooklyn, NY 1970s; established Gluck Orgelbau in New York City, NY; active in 1989. As Sebastian M. Gluck Pipe Organ Builder from 1995
Glück New York New York City from 1995.
GOArt Göteborg Organ Art Center, Göteborg University, Sweden
Hal Gober Elora, Ontario from 1990s
Harold L. Godshalk Estey firm of Brattleboro, VT, in New York City, NY, office, 1927
Golden Eagle Organ Co. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Victor Gonzalez Paris builder, early 20th century
Ebenezer Goodrich Boston, MA, c. 1804-1841; Brother of William Marcellus Goodrich;
Wm. M. Goodrich Winchester, New Hampshire, 1798; Boston, Massachusetts 1799-1833.
Goodrich & Appleton Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1810
Stuart Goodwin & Co. Redland, California from 1969
Don P. Gorman Spokane, WA, 1982
A. Gottfried & Co. Erie, Pennsylvania, 1895–1946; Charleston, South Carolina, circa 1946–1948; Roanoak, Virginia, c. 1949–c. 1950.
Anton Gottfried Ludwigsburg, Germany, 1888; immigrated to the U.S., 1888; Erie, PA, 1894; Charleston SC 1894–1954.
Gottlieb No distinguishing information available.
John Gottschall Denver, CO and Philadelphia, PA, late 20th century
Gould & Schultz Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1988
Goulding & Wood, Inc. Bloomington, Indiana 1980; relocated to Indianapolis 1984.
G.- P. Pipe Organ Co. Kansas City, MO, c. 1980s
GP Organ Service Kansas 1960s
Jason L. Grable no information
George A. Graham Spokane, Washington 1980s.
Joseph Graham Richmond, Virginia, 1960s.
George W. Graham Spokane, Washington 1950s.
Grandall and Engen no information
Gratian Organ Builders Alton, IL, c. 1922; relocated c. 1938 to Bunker Hill, IL; relocated to Decatur, IL; assets sold to Schneider Workshop and Services, 1980
Jos. Gratian Jos. Gratian /Organ Builder / Alton IL. 1858-97
C. P. Graves Old Town, ME, 1891
George W. Graves Cambridgeport, MA 1881-82; organ bellows Patent
William Gray London, England early nineteenth century.
Greenwood Organ Co. Charlotte, North Carolina from 1964.
Timothy Grenz no information
Gress-Miles Organ Co. Princeton, NJ, 1959-1990
Grimm & Son Succeeded Koehnken & Grimm; Cincinnati, OH, 1896; succeeded by Edward Grimm Co., c. 1902
Grooms and Payne, Ltd. no information
George Groot West Michigan
Gruber Pipe Organs, Inc. Chicago and Elmwood Park, Illinois, 1980s anf following.
Guenther Organ Co. Portland, Oregon 1920s
Guilbault-Thérien As "Orgue Providence" Providence, Quebec, 1946-78; as Guilbault-Therien 1978-84; relocated to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1985; became Guilbault Bellvance Carignan 2001
Sebastian Gundling & Son Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1929 - ca. 1970
Gundling Organ Co., Inc. Successor to Sebastian Gundling & Son, Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1970s
Paul W. Gunzelmann New York City, NY, 1963; in Princeton, NJ, 1965; in Columbus, OH, from c. 1988; active in Columbus as organ builder, 1991
August F. Gunzinger immigrated to U. S. in 1905; with Estey firm of Brattleboro, VT, 1929, voicer
Guzowski & Steppe Fort Lauderdale, Florida from 1980s
Donald Haan Pipe Organ Service Grand Rapids, Michigan
Haas no information
Haase Pipe Organs Karl Haase; Marengo, Illinois, 1960s.
Hagar & Vogt Hamilton, Ontario 1846-1858
David Hagberg no information
Johann Christian Hagemann Upper Swabia from mid-1700's to 1819
Hagerstown Engraving Co. Succeeded Dennison Brothers of Deep River, CT, c. 1940s; active in Hagerstown, MD;
Hagerstown Organ Company, Inc. Hagerstown, Maryland 1995-2015
Hale & Alexander Short Falls, New Hampshire 1960s.
Fred N. Hale Estey representative in Chicago, IL, and Pittsburg, KS, c. 1920, in New York City, NY, 1923
Robert K. Hale with Estey firm of Brattleboro, VT; established Organ Loft of Short Falls (Epsom), NH, 1950; partner in Hale & Alexander of Short Falls, NH,
Norris G. Hales Baltimore, MD, 1837-1843
Harry Hall Co. Hamden, Connecticut, ca. 1930.
Harry L. Hall Portland, Maine, c. 1894.
James Hall, (Co.) New York City, NY, by 1826; Philadelphia, PA, 1829-43; firm in Baltimore, MD, 1845, acquired by Henry Erben of New York City, NY, 1845, remained as superintendent; partner Baltimore 1884
Hall, Labagh & Co. New York City, 1868-1872
Thomas Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1805–1818; New York City, New York, 1818–1872.
Welford [Wilfred] Hall Philadelphia, PA, 1820s
H. L. Hall No information available
Norville Hall no information
Hall and Company Pipe Organs Mounds, Oklahoma
Hall & Erben New York City, New York, 1824-1827.
Hall & Labagh New York City, 1846-1868
Hall, Labagh & Kemp no information
Hallman Pipe Organs Waterloo and Kitchner, Ontario, Canada, 1950s and 60s
Hall Organ Co. New Haven, Connecticut, 1898–1940s.
Richard Craig Hamar Hartford, CT, 1965-69; established firm in Collinsville, CT, 1967; assoicated with Jeremy Cooper of Concord, NH, in Hamar-Cooper, ca. 1975; in Norwich, CT, 1988;
Hamar-Cooper Association of Richard Hamar of New Hartford, CT, and Jeremy Cooper of Concord, NH; active in 1975.
S. S. Hamill East Cambridge, Massachusetts 1861-1890s.
James J. Hammann New Orleans, Louisiana
Olof Hammarberg Sweden prior 1891; Milwaukee, WI, 1893-97
Henry F. Hammer Detroit, MI, by 1880; active in 1913
Emil Hammer Active Germany 1968
Jeffrey Hammes With Leonard Berghaus of Bellwood, IL, 1970s, shop foreman; partner with Gary Foxe in Hammes-Foxe Organs, Inc. of Butler, WI, 1979
Hammes-Foxe Organs Inc. Butler, WI, 1979-1985
John J. Hammond no information
Hampton and Gilberti Calvin Hampton and Randolph Gilbert (Freeport, NY)
Gregory A. Hand With Bozeman firm of Deerfield, NH; Campville, NY, 1983; in Oswego, NY, 1985; with Blakely firm in Davidson, NC, 1987; with Knowlton firm in Charlotte, NC, 1990, tonal director
Hann-Wangerin Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1900-1903 succeeded Hann-Wangerin-Weickhardt Co.,
Hann-Wangerin-Weickhardt Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1903-ca. 1913
John A. Hansen With Aeolian-Skinner firm, 1961; Lewis Organ Co. of Omaha, NE, service firm, 1965; representative of Austin Organs of Hartford, CT, 1985
William Hansen Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1990s
Steve Hansen and Rick England Ontario, California. Built one organ in 2005.
William Hansen and Gary Hanson Collaborated in Providence, Rhode Island, 1980s
Carroll Hanson Representative of Casavant firm of St, Hyacinthe, Canada in Iowa City, IA, 1970s. Active as independent service technician in 1990
Charles Hanzelman [Hanzelmann or Heintzelman(n)?] Allentown and Lehigh County area, PA, c. 1840 to after 1873
Charles Harder no information
Harger & Jackson Honolulu, Hawaii 1985; representatives of J. W. Walker of England
James O. Harms Newton, KS, 1983; active in 1989
Allen Harrah Established Van Zoeren Organs of Aloha, OR, with Allen Van Zoeren, 1980
Louie Harral No information
David S. Harris Organs Whittier, California from 1970s
Murray M. Harris (Organ Co.) Los Angeles, 1894-1913.
Harris & McDonough, Organ Crafters Weston Harris and Thomas McDonough
Herbert C. Harrison Portland, Maine, 1898-1920s.
Lewis Condit (L.C.) Harrison (& Co.) Bloomfield, New Jersey, 1891–1915.
Lewis Condit Harrison New York City 1840–1891; Bloomfield, New Jersey, 1891–1909 as L. C. Harrison & Co.
Harrison & Harrison English organ building firm.
H.B. Harrison no information
Greg Harrold Organbuilders Los Angeles, California 1979-2003
Howard Hart no information
Hartman-Beaty Organ Co. Inc. Partnership of Richard S. Hartman and David C. Beaty; established in Brooklyn, NY, 1963; in Englewood, NJ, 1964-1980; continued by Beaty until 1984; succeeded by Beaty & Associates.
Johann Christoph Harttman German builder
Ernest Hartwick Newark and Jersey City, NJ; listed 1855-1892
Joseph Harvey Pittsburgh, PA, c. 1823-c. 1840
Harvey & Zimmer Dallas, Texas from 1967
Allen Hase With Reuter Organ Co. of Lawrence, KS, 1987
Charles Eugene Haskell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1880-1903; Brattleboro, Vermont, c.1927; Geneva, Illinois, 1928.
Charles S. Haskell Boston, Massachusetts area, 1867–1878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1880–1903.
C. S. Haskell [Haskell Pipe Organ Manufacturing Co.] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ca. 1880–1946
Peter D. Haskell South Freeport, Maine
Hasse Iowa?, 1950s.
George Haus No information
Laurentium Hauslaib Nuremberg, Germany 1590s.
Adrian C. Hausmann, (& Co.) Established firm in Milwaukee, WI, 1895
Hausmann Organ Co. no information
Timothy Hawkes Organ Co. with Andover Organ Co. of Lawrence, MA, 1970s; operated firm in Sautus, MA, 1987, service; active in 1988
Lawrence Hawkins no informtion
William A. Hays Pontiac, Michigan
Hays Pipe Organ Metamora, Michigan
Luke Headley Wichita, Kansas
Auguste Hebert Regional Casavant representative, Windsor, Ontario, 1940s
J.A. Hebert and Son / J.A. Hébert & Son Southfield, Michigan
Alexander Heckert Active in Bronx, NY, 1882-1898
Lemuel Hedge associated with Henry Corrie of Windsor, VT, 1822-182
Richard Hedgebeth Stuart Organ Co., Springfield, Aldenville, and Chicopee, Massachusetts 1972-1984
Robert Heilbuth No Information
Heissler German firm exporting to the U.S., established 1935.
Franz Heissler No distinguishing information available.
Helderop Pipe Organs Detroit, Michigan from 1988
Anthony G. Helmkamp Chicago, IL by 1847
Roy Helms no information
Thomas Helms, Jr. Pensacola, Florida from 1980s
Clarence Helsing Rockford, IL 1980s
Hemry Pipe Organ Co. Cleveland, Ohio from 1976; Novelty, Ohio from ca. 1990
Mark Henderson Memphis, Tennessee
Henderson-Wilson Anaheim, California 1980s
John Hendriksen Pembroke, Massachusetts from 1979
Charles Hendrickson Mankato, Minnesota from 1964.
Hendrickson Organ Co. Mankato, Minnesota from 1964–1967. St. Peter, Minnesota, from 1967.
Heritage Pipe Organs Established by Donald F. Bohall and Wilfred R. Miller in East Amherst, NY, 1987; relocated to Buffalo, NY, by 1991
Hermes Pipe Organs LaValle, Wisconsin.
Scott Herpick no information
Hesselius-Klemm Gustav Hesselius and Johann Klemm (Clemm) 1740's in PA.
Heuss No Information
Kurt Heyer Ypsilanti, Michigan
H. Hall & Co. No information
Harry Hall Organ Co. Presumed Variant of Hall Organ Co. - see ID 2544.
Edward A. Higgins Illinois, 1950s
Jacob Hilbus Washington, DC, by 1808
Erich Hildebrand No distinguishing information available.
Hill & Davison English builder
Hermann Hillebrand Germany 1969
Hillgreen-Lane Organ Co. Alternate nameplate, Hillgreen-Lane Co.
Hillgreen, Lane & Co. Alliance, Ohio 1898–1973.
Hillgreen-Lane Co. Alliance, Ohio from 1985.
Hill, Norman & Beard English firm from 1916
Wm. Hill & Sons and Norman & Beard Ltd. London, England from 1916.
Hinners Organ Co. Pekin, Illinois 1902-1936; Succeeded Hinners & Albertsen
John L. Hinners Partner with U. J. Albertsen in Hinners & Albertsen, 1885-1902, reed and pipe organs; established Hinners Organ Co. of Pekin, IL, 1902
Hinners Pipe Organ Company Alternate nameplate?
Hinners & Albertsen Succeeded Hinners Hinners, Fink & Co.; partnership of John L. Hinners and U. J. Albertsen in Pekin, IL, 1898-1902; succeeded by Hinners Organ Co.
Hochhalter, Inc. Salem Oregon, Active in 2015.
Lanny Hochhalter Austin Rep, Pacific Northwest, by Jul 1997
Edward Hodges no information
Hoenig Organ Co. Established by Philip Hoenig in Fort Madison, IA, by 1987
Michael B. Hoerig no information
Otto Hofmann Austin, Texas 1948-1995.
Harry Hoffman No distinguishing information available.
Edwin Handel Holbrook Bell foundry in MA late 1800s
E. L. Holbrook Successor to Holbrook & Ware, Medway, Massachusetts 1850-1890s
Holbrook & Ware Medway, Massachusetts 1835-1850
S.W. Holcombe Vermont, 1950s
Ken Holden Ferndale, Michigan 1968-1990s
James Holden Marietta, Ohio
Henry Holland no information
Holland-American Organ Co. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1960s
Hollender Organ Co. Active Fresno, CA in 1975.
E. H. Holloway Corp. Indianapolis, IN, 1945-1985?
Holmberg Grand Rapids and Rockford, Michigan
Holmes Organ Co. London, Ontario, Canada 1950s-1960s
Holtkamp Organ Co. Cleveland, Ohio from 1951. Succeeded Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling Organ Co.
Walter B. Holtkamp, Sr. Developed Holtkamp Organ Co. from predecessor firm; Cleveland, OH, 1931-51
Holtkamp Common nameplate form, Holtkamp Organ Co.
Val Holzinger Los Angeles CA Firm name in 1966 was Holzinger Organs
E. & G. G. Hook Boston, Massachusetts 1827-1872; succeeded by E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings.
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings Boston, Massachusetts 1872-1881
George Greenleaf Hook Co-founder of E. & G. G. Hook, Boston 1831-1880.
Hook & Hastings Successor to E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings, Boston, Massachusetts, ca. 1881; Kendall Green, Massachusetts, 1889–1935.
Hook-Hastings Co. Later nameplate form used by the Boston firm.
Hook & Hastings Co. One nameplate form used by the Boston firm.
R. E. Hooper No Information
Hope-Jones & Harrison Bloomfield, New jersey 1904-05
Hope-Jones Organ Co. Elmira, New York 1907-1910
Brooke L. Hopkins Charlotte, North Carolina, 1988.
Daniel Hopkins Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Robert D. Hoppe & Co. Mankato, Minnesota 1988-1990; Alcoma, Wisconsin from 1990
John Horton Atlanta, Georgia 1950s-1990s
John Horton and Dave Woodall Atlanta Georgia, 1940s-1960s
Richard Houghton Michigan from 1970s
Garret House Buffalo, NY, 1845, pianos and organs; partnership with Benson in 1848; pipe organs exclusively after c. 1859; retired, 1898; succeeded by Charles B. Viner & Son.
House & Benson Active 1848. Partnership of Garret House & Benson
Sam Hovsepian and David Linebarger Partnership in service firm, Florida, 1970s
Emmons Howard with Johnson firm Westfield, MA; with Steere & Turner Westfield, MA; operated firm in Westfield, MA, 1883; acquired Johnson firm of Westfield, MA, 1898; in Buffalo, NY, c. 1900; retired 1928
William Howe Succeeded (Thomas?) Dodds; active in New York City, NY, 1797-1805
Howell Pipe Organs Dixon, Illinois from 1940s; also H. A. Howell Pipe Organs
Richard Howell & Co. Active in St. Louis, Missouri 1980s.
Richard Howell & Co. Active in St. Louis, Missouri 1980s.
Howells Pipe Organ Company No information, possible alternate name for Howell Pipe Organs
Hoyer Organ Co. Lawrence, Kansas, 1964-1991.
Gregor Hradetzky Austria
Gerhard Hradetzky Krems/Donau, Austria
Gerhard and Gregor Hradetzky Austrian builders
Huaco Pipe Organ Company Waco, Texas ca. 1940
John Huening With Visser-Roland of Houston, TX, sales and service, representative in southeastern USA, 1970s-1990; Brandon, Florida from 1990s
Herbert L. Huestis Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from ca. 1988.
Huestis & Associates Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dana Hull Detroit, Michigan, 1962-1967; Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 1978;
Robert A. Hull II no information
Humpe Organ Co. Richmond, Ohio 1980s
Humphries Organ Co. No distinguishing information available.
Geoffrey W. F. Hunt Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1960s
Alfred Hunter London, England. Active c. 1860
S. L. Huntington & Co. Stonington, Connecticut from 1988
Hupalo & Repasky San Leandro, California
Hupalo and Repasky Pipe Organs, LLC San Leandro, California from 2001
Hutchings Organ Co. Waltham, Massachusetts, 1908-1917.
Geo. S. Hutchings (& Co.) Boston, 1884–1908; Waltham, Massachusetts, 1908–1911.
Hutchings, Plaisted & Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1872–1884.
Plaisted & Nordstrom Hutchings Boston 1869.
Hutchings-Votey Organ Co. Boston, Massachusetts 1901-1906; Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1906-1908.
John Hyek 1949 organ in Seattle, Aquarian Foundation
Philip Ianna no information
Rudolph Ibach no information
Ibe Peter Iben Germany, late eighteenth century
John Ignatowski Faithorn, Michigan
John M. Ingraham With Edward F. Searles (Methuen Organ Co.) of Methuen, MA, 1892; operated firm; last listed 1914
Innova Organs Ridgeville, South Carolina from 2006
Michael Israel With Miller firm of Louisville, KY; active 1990
Jackson Pipe Organ Co. Active in Chester, IL, 1879-1894
Alan T. Jackson Representative of Casavant Frères of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, in Toronto, ON, 1961; active with firm 1998.
James Jackson (& Son) New York City, NY, c. 1827; partner with son in New York City, NY, c. 1837- c. 1839; with Erben firm of New York City, NY, 1847
O. Jacques No information available.
O. Jacques No Information
Daniel Jaeckel Inc. Duluth, Minnesota, from ca. 1978. [Active]
Jaeckel Organs alternate nameplate
Fr. Odilon Jaeger, SJ Porto Alegre, Brasil
Rudolf Janke Bovenden, Germany
Jardine Utility name to be used when exact form of original nameplate is not known.
George Jardine Born in England; immigrated to U.S., 1837; with Firth, Hall & Pond of New York City, NY; made barrel, then church organs with sons Dudley and Edward G.; Frederick and Joseph Jardine in New Yor
George Jardine & Son New York, New York ca. 1832-1900. "& Son" added ca. 1855.
Jardine & Son Alternate name for Geo. Jardine & Son (ca. 1838-1900), nameplates from ca. 1860.
Paul Jernigan Houston, TX, 1989.
Peter Jenner Jewett No Information
Erik Johansson Lower Bartonsville, VT, 1982-89
Johannson No Information
Johnson Organ Co. Active Minnesota and North Dakota 1954-1989+
Frederick H. Johnson Norwich, Vermont ca. 1960
John Johnson Sparta, MI 1880's
Rufus Johnson Maine, 1850s-1860s.
Wm. A. Johnson Westfield, MA 1844-1870.
William G. Johnson Beverly, Massachusetts, c.1925.
F. W. Johnson Rebuilt Kimball organ in St. Mark's Episcopal, Springfield, VT.
H. D. Johnson No information
Johnson Organ Co. Westfield, Massachusetts 1871-1874.
Scott Johnson No information
Bruce Johnson no information
Johnson Utility name - used when no clear information sent to database
Homer R. Johnson no information
Johnson Organ & Piano Co. Van Nuys, California
Johnson & Co. Alternate nameplate, Johnson Organ Co.
Wm. Johnson & Son Westfield, Massachusetts 1874-1898
Johnston Organ & Piano Manufacturing Co. California 1913-1915. Succeeded Murray M. Harris firm, succeeded by California Organ Co.
Thomas Johnston Boston, Massachusetts, 1750s.
Peter Jonas Cincinnati, OH, 1856
D. Jones Jersey City, New Jersey, c. 1913. [Stub]
Kenneth Jones, & Assoc. Bray, Ireland Active 1985-96
Henry Jones, & Son No Information
J. H. Jørgensen [Jorgensen] No distinguishing information available.
Denis Juget Laval, PQ, Canada, 1987-89
Juget-Sinclair Montreal from 1995.
David L. Junchen Junchen-Collins Organ Corp. of Woodstock, IL, 1975-1980; in Pasadena, CA, 1980-1991; in Barrington, IL, 1991
Kaat en Tijhuis Orgelmakers no information
Damian Kaczmarczyk From 1994 in Zabrze, Silesia, Poland
Kajkowski Family Organs Deer Lodge, MT, by c. 1984; representatives of Orgelbau Schumacher by 1988
Kanawha Organ Works Charleston, WV from 1991. Owned by Chris Nagorka.
Joel Kantner Pennsylvania, 1850s and 1860s
Kappler-Walton Olathe, Kansas
Lothar Karl Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1960s; Harrisonville, Missouri
The D. W. Karn Co., Ltd. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, 1867-1896.
Dennis W. Karn Woodstock, ON, Canada, 1867-1909;
Karn-Warren Organ Co. Woodstock, ON, Canada, 1896-1909; succeeded by the Karn-Morris Piano & Organ Co.
Dr. Robert Kaye no information
Bert Keates London, ON, Canada, 1945; in Lucan, ON, Canada, 1951; in Acton, ON, Canada, 1961; retired 1971;
Keates Organ Co. London, ON, Canada, 1945; in Lucan, ON, Canada, 1951; in Acton, ON, Canada, 1961; firm renamed Keates-Geissler Pipe Organs, 1972
Keates-Geissler Pipe Organs Ltd Acton, Ontario, Canada from 1972
G. Herald Keefer and Associate Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from ca. 1950
Kegg Pipe Organ Builders Hartville OH from 1985
S.P. Keith & Associates, LLC Custer, Michigan from 2007
Laborius Keller, Jr. Guttenberg, IA mid 1800s
E. A. Kelley & Associates Lawrence, Massachusetts from 1965; Salem, Massachusetts from ca. 1980
B.K. Kellogg and Associates, LLC Partnership of Carl Kellogg and Shawn Keith, Ada, Michigan 2000-2007
Edward Kendall No Information
Alfred Kern Founder of the Kern firm, master organ-builder in Strasbourg, France. B. 1910 d. 1989
Rob Kerner no information
Kerner & Merchant Pipe Organ Builders Syracuse, New York from 1977;
Kerner & Merchant Alternate nameplate
Bradley Kerns Active MN c. 1970.
Kershaw Organ Co. New England, 1950s?
Roston Kershaw Beverly, MA; active in Lowell, MA, 1950-1963; died c. 1968.
E. Kessler Dorpat, Estonia, active 1840's.
Stephen Ketterer no information
Richard Kichline no information
Robert C. Kichline Alliance, OH, from the 1960s,
Kiepper Organs Christopher Kiepper, Springfield, Missouri
Charles Kilgen & Son St. Louis 1939. As Kilgen Associates 1939-1943.
Henry C. Kilgen Firm established in St. Louis, Missouri, early 1870s; intermittent information through 1905
Kilgen [Utility name when the exact Kilgen firm is not known.]
Kilgen Associates, Inc. Briefly known as Charles Kilgen & Son. St. Louis, Missouri 1939-1943.
Kilgen Manufacturing Co. Boyne City, Michigan 1960
Kilgen Organ Co. Successor to E. R. Kilgen, St. Louis, Missouri, 1939-1960
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. Firm established by George Kilgen, St. Louis, Missouri, 1873; "& Son" added in 1886; firm dissolved in 1939
Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. / Chas. C. Kilgen Alternate Nameplate
Smallman & Frazee Kimball Succeeded Smallman & Frazee; Boston, MA, 1910-1915; in Everett, MA, 1921; succeeded by Kimball-Frazee Organ Co.
William Wallace Kimball Chicago, IL, 1857-1904, established W. W. Kimball Co. of Chicago, IL, 1857
W. W. Kimball Co. Established Chicago, Illinois 1857; ended organ production 1942.
Kimball-Frazee Organ Co. Succeeded Kimball, Smallman & Frazee; Boston, MA, 1915-1921; succeeded by Frazee Organ Co.
Kimball, Smallman & Frazee Boston, Massachusetts 1910-1915.
The Ross King Company, Inc. Fort Worth, Texas from 1969.
Wm. King & Son Elmira, New York 1887-1900; Chicago, Illinois 1900-1903.
William King Elmira, New York 1860s-1889; succeeded by Wm. King & Son.
Douglas King No Information
Bertram Kinzey, Jr. Gainesville, Florida, 1960s-70s, built practice organ at UF
Kinzey-Angerstein Wrentham, Massachusetts, 1971-1981.
Johannes Klais, K.G. no information
John Klauder No information
Klemm-Tannenberg Johann Klemm (Clemm) and David Tannenberg. Built together from 1758-1762.
Detlef Kleuker Westfahlen, Germany
G. C. Klop Ganderen, Netherlands from 1960s
Darwin Klug Lakeland Florida from 1990s
Klug & Schumacher Lakeland, FL, 1975-1990s
D. E. Klug's Sons Lakeland, Florida from 1990s
Henry Knauff, Sr. Philadelphia, PA, 1837-1863
J. C. [Christopher?] Knauff (Organ Co.) Newark, DE, (1889?)
Theodore C. Knauff Philadelphia, PA, 1889-1892
Kney & Bright London, Ontario, Canada 1955-1963.
Gabriel Kney & Co. London, Ontario, Canada from 1963.
Gabriel Kney Pipe Organ Builders Alternate Nameplate
Knight Organ Company, Inc. Robert Knight, San Diego, California
Thomas H. Knollin Syracuse, NY by c. 1885-1912
Knowlton Organ Co. Charlotte and Davidson, North Carolina from 1980s
Koehnken & Co. Succeeded Matthias Schwab firm; Cincinnati, OH, 1860-1876; succeeded by Koehnken & Grimm
Koehnken & Grimm Succeeded Koehnken & Co.; Cincinnati, OH, 1876-1896; succeeded by G. Grimm & Son
Alex Koellein Nashville, Tennessee 1960-1977
Kohl Organ Co. Arthur A. Kohl, Rochester NY 1920s-1980s
James A. Konzelman Bayonne, New Jersey 1980s; New York, New York 1990s
Samuel Koontz & Co. Ann Arbor, MI 1987-1990; Detroit 1990-1992.
Adrian Koppejan Pipe Organs Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada from 1979.
Michael Korchonoff Amateur Builder
Gregory Koziel Memphiz, Tennessee from 1970s
Koziel Organ Sales & Service no information
Ronald Kraft Organ Service Riverside, California 1980s.
N. P. Kraig Binghamton, NY by 1899; last listed 1929
Justin Kramer Pipe Organs Los Angeles, California from 1980s
Andrew Krauss Kraussdale, PA, 1796-1812
Edwin B. Krauss Palm, PA early 1800s
George Krauss Kraussdale, PA, and Palm, PA; c. 1820-1880
Joel Krauss Kraussdale and Palm, PA c.1820-1852
John Krauss Kraussdale, PA, 1796-1812
Ralph A. Krueger no information
Rudolph Kubak No Information
Ernest Kuhn St. Louis, MO 1930s
Theodore Kuhn Mannedorf, Switzerland
La Fornica No information available.
Labagh & Kemp New York City, New York, 1872–1892.
Friedrich Johann Ladegast German builder, nineteenth century
Samuel O. LaForrest [Forrest?; 2 individuals?] Mont Vernon, NH, by 1850; in Providence, RI, 1847
Henri Lahaise & Sons Boston, Massachusetts from ca. 1936
Richard Lahaise Boston, Massachusetts
Lancashire-Marshall Organ Co. Moline, Illinois 1872-1902
Lancashire & Turner Moline, Illinois 1873-1879.
Landry & Co. St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, c. 1880
E.W. Lane Waltham, Massachusetts, 1890's and 1910-1920.
Norman Lane Denver, Colorado from 1970s
Larry Langevin No information
Lyn Larsen Theatre Organist in Phoenix, Arizona
Eric Larson Ipswich, Massachusetts
Lauck Pipe Organ Co. Kalamazoo and Otsego, Michigan from 1975
Laukhuff German organ supply firm, from 1823, manufacturer of Ventus blowers
James Lawbaugh Active c. 1980, Nebraska, Missouri
Irving Lawless / Lawless & Associates Lake Ridge, Virginia from 1960s.
Lawless-Johnson Organ Company Greencastle, Pennsylvania
William F. Laws Beverly, Massachusetts ca. 1950-1980s
William W. Laws Beverly, Massachusetts ca. 1921-ca. 1950
Dewey W. Layton Indiana and Colorado, 1950s-1972.
Layton Organs, Inc. Colorado
Le Compt No Information
Henry A. Leaman New York City, NY, by 1835 until c 1875; own firm 1850-1853
Leathurby-Smith Alternate form of 'Lethurby-Smith'
Josiah Leavitt Massachusetts, 1744-1804
Lee Organs Knoxville, Tennessee from 1970s
Ernst Leeflang No Information
John Leek Organ Co. Ohio from 1970s.
Leek Pipe Organ Co. Successor to John Leek Organ Co.
Leet Organ Co. Crawford, New Jersey 1940s
Leflang No Information
Legge Organ Co. Succeeded William F. Legge Organ Co.; Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, 1963.
C. F. David Legge Woodstock, ON, Canada, in 1963
C. Franklin Legge Organ Co. Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1915-1948
Lehigh Organ Co. Established 1963 in Macungie, PA; active in 1989
Leightner No Information
Dwight W. Leighton Organ Service Yarmouth, Maine 1950s-1980s.
Lemieux & Associates Argyle, New York
Monique Lemonde St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1950
Benjamin F. Lenoir Philadelphia, PA, 1901-1920's
Laurence W. Leonard Laconia, NH, 1980s
Jon & Gregory Lester no information
Letcher Organ Company Pittsburgh, PA, early 1900s
Olson Lethart Organ Co. no information
Steve Lethert Mineapolis, Minnesota
Lethurby-Smith Organ Alameda, California 1920s. Alternate spelling: 'Leathurby-Smith'
Fernand Létourneau St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada from 1974.
Orgues Létourneau St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada from 1979
Orgues Létourneau Ltée Ste. Rosalie, Quebec, Canada 1979; St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada from 1988.
Lewis Levering Medford, MA 1907
Phil Levin no information
Levsen Organ Co. Established as service firm ca. 1966; factory built in Buffalo, IA, 1980, new and rebuilt organs; active in 1995
C. R. Lewis no information
Lewis & Hitchcock, Inc. District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia from 1915.
Lewtak Pipe Organ Builders, Inc. Camillus, New York from 2001
Melvin J. Light Ann Arbor, MI, 1959-198
Lima Pipe Organ Co. Lima, Ohio from 1934
Lincoln Pipe Organs LLC Lincoln, Nebraska, from 2013
Link Piano and Organ Co. Binghamton, NY, 1916-1929
Ken List Buffalo, NY, 1962; Erie, PA, 1975; Hillsboro, OR 1990
Ken List/Paul Mozingo No Information
Mark W. Lively & Co. Cincinnati, Ohio from 1988.
Lively-Fulcher Organbuilders Cincinnati, Ohio from ca. 1990; Washington, D.C. area from 1993.
Carl Loeser Plainfield, New Jersey 1980s.
Stephen Long no information
Longman & Herron English Builder
Arthur D. Longmore With W. W. Kimball; in Seattle 1910s-30s
William H. Longmore Cleveland, Ohio (1970s) and Lakeland, Florida (1980s)
William Longmore and Wayne Warren Florida
Dr. C.C. Loomis no information
Josef Loosser Swiss Builder
Loper Pipe Organ Service Duncanville, Texas
Joseph Lorenz Cincinnati, OH, c. 1868-c.1879
François-Bernard Loret Belgian organbuilder, nineteenth century
Michael Loris Mansfield, Ohio 1963; Barre, Vermont 1978-81.
Ronald Carlone Whitesboro, NY in 1987
Los Angeles Art Organ Co. Los Angeles, California, 1903–1905, relocated to Hoboken, New Jersey, as Art Organ Co., 1905, then Electrolian Organ Co., 1906
James Louder, Inc. Montré, Québec, Canada from 2000
Louisville Pipe Organ Co. Louisville, Kentucky 1924-28; Terre Haute, Indiana 1928-1930.
Lee T. Lovallo Pipe Organs Antelope, California from ca. 1990
Robert Lovelass Wayne County, Pennsylvania early 19th century
John Lowe immigrated to the U.S., (1801?); active in Philadelphia, PA; until 1813; succeeded by Thomas S. Hall
Luley & Associates, Inc. McMurray, Pennsylvania 1980s -- 2008; Pittsburgh, Pennsylania from 2008
Mayme Lynch Highland, IL, c. 1915
Alfred E. Lunsford Knoxville, Tennessee, 1938-1946; Orrville, Ohio, 1946-1991.
Richard Lurth Organ Co. Mankato, Minnesota by 1973
Edward Lye & Sons Toronto, ON, Canada, 1864; closed 1934, succeeded by Lye Organ Co.
John D. Lyon Troy, Michigan
Lyon & Healy Chicago, Illinois, 1864–1977.
Louis Maas North Tonawanda, NY,before 1913; San Francisco, CA, 1914; established Maas Organ Co. of Los Angeles, CA, 1922; discontinued organ production, became Maas-Rowe Electromusic Corp., 1947; retired
Maas Organ Co. Los Angeles, California 1922 through 1930s
David MacDowell Alterations to Aeolian-Skinner in Tucson, Arizona, 1970s
MacKay & Co. [Franklin Musical Warehouse] Boston, Massachusetts 1815-1820
Marlin Mackley Organ Service St. Louis, Missouri 1979-1989
Bob Maes Worked in Reno, Nevada 1990s
Stefan Maier Worcester, Massachusetts from 1993
Jean-François Mailhot St. Hyacinthe
Michael Mains Amateur Builder
E. C. Malarkey Basic, Virginia, 1917–1926.
N. P. Mander London, England. Son, John Pike Mander, took over Co. in 1983
Mander Organs London, England, 1936-1942; from 1947, exporting to United States since 1993.
James M. Mandeville New York City, NY, 1865/1866; operated own firm thereafter
Mangam Organ Co., Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Curt Mangel no information
William D. Manley Stockbridge, Georgia 1980s.
W. S. Manley no information
Mann & Trupiano New York, New York from 1972
John Mantel New York City, 1890; partner with Jacob Scultetus in Scultetus & Mantel of New York City, NY, 1898
René Marceau Portland, Oregon from 1981.
Marceau & Associates Pipe Organ Builders Portland, Oregon from 1990s.
Marceau & Associates Pipe Organ Co., Inc. Portland, Oregon
Marceau & Associates Alternate nameplate for Marceau & Associates Pipe Organ Builders
Marceau Pipe Organs, Inc. Later name of Rene Marceau's company
Marcussen (& Son) Danish firm, from 1806
Charles Marenghi & Cie Paris, early 20th century
K.C. Marrin Company no information
Robert A. Markham Waco, Texas 1980s
John Gale Marklove Utica, New York ca. 1858-1891
Larry Marowsky no information
Marr & Colton Warsaw, New York 1915-1932
Kevin C. Marrin St. Cloud, MN area, 1970s-1980s; in Cold Spring, MN, 1985.
K. C. Marrin Organ Co. Cold Spring, Minnesota from 1985
Marshall-Bennett Co. Rock Island, Illinois 1902-08.
Marshall Brothers Organ Co. Ripon, Wisconsin 1864; Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1870-1872 and 1876-1877.
Marshall Brothers & Clarke Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1872-74.
Larry Marta no information
Gordon Martin Carmel, California 1940s; relocated one instrument
Thomas Martin Rebuilt Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1225.
Robert Martin no information
Maryland Church Organ Co. Baltimore, Maryland ca. 1900
Rick Maryman no information
Mascheroni no information
Mason & Hamlin Partnership of Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin formed in Boston in 1854, manufactured reed organs
Goerge Mathers no information
Kevin Mathieu Massachusetts
Justin Matters Rapid City, South Dakota from 1980s
Fred Mauk Altamonte Springs, Florida, 1978-2014.
Maxcy-Barton Organ Co. Chicago, Illinois 1929-1935; Successor to Bartola Musical Instrument Co.
Joseph Severin Mayer German by birth; San Francisco, California from 1860
George Mayer No Information
Georges Mayer Sarre-Union, Alsace, France
Randall J. McCarty Museum of History & Industry of Seattle, WA, curator of musical instruments, 1980s
Eric McCloud Olympia, Washington
Mr. McCollum Active in Rockville, CT in 1845
McConnell Pipe Organ Service No information
McCord Organ Service Tonganoxie, KS
A. E. McCracken Asheville, North Carolina, 1960s.
McCrary Pipe Organs Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
David McDowell no information
James M. McEvers Co. Bloomington, Illinois, from 1969.
James R. McFarland & Co. Selinsgrove and Millersville, Pennsylvania from 1969
McFarland & Visscher Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, c. 1969–1976.
J.H. McGaw Organ Co. Green Bay, Wisconsin, until 1960.
Kenneth McLaren Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, c. 1961
Charles W. McManis Co. Kansas City, Kansas 1938-85; Walnut Creek, California, by 1989.
McManis Organ Co. Kansas City, Kansas 1938-1985
Allen McNealy no information
McNeely Organ Co. Waterford, Connecticut, 1970s-1980s.
Michael McNeil (Pipe Organs) Lompoc, CA, by 1980-1986; active in Lompoc, CA, 1988
McNeil & Campbell Lompoc, California ca. 1980-1986.
George W. Mead Montréal, Canada, 1837
Gilbert Mead Elmhurst, Illinois
Clinton B. Meadway Active in CA, 1962-1963
Meadway & Stettner Pipe Organs Monroe, Washington from 1990s.
L. J. Melby Active in Minnesota, from 1990s
C.J. (William?) Mellor Co. New Castle, Pennsylvania, c.1980s.
Meloni & Farrier Brooklyn, New York 1990s.
Anthony R. Meloni & Co. New York from 1980s.
Merklin French organbuilder
F.G. Merritt Detroit, Michigan 1850s
Joseph Mertin Vienna, Austria 1960-69
Metzler & Söhne Swiss Builder
Methuen Organ Co. Succeeded James E. Treat & Co.; Methuen, MA; active, 1898-c. 1911.
Metroplex Organ Co. no information available
Wilhelm [William] Metz St. Louis, MO, by 1848; succeeded by Johann G. Pfeffer, 1864.
Fred H. Meunier (Co.) Denver, CO in 1921-1960;
Russell Meyer & Associates Bridgeton, New Jersey, from c. 1995.
Fred Meyers no information
Paul F. C. Mias Cambridge, MA, 1912
J.D. Michalec Pipe Organs From 2009, Chicago, IL
Carlton C. Michell English by birth; with Hutchings, Cole & Woodberry, Jardine, Austin 1890-1904; returned to England.
Michigan Organ Co. Grand Rapids, MI 1935?-19__?
E. T. III Mickey Hartland ME, 1983-1991
Mid-Atlantic Organ Co. Charlotte NC from 1994
Reuben Midmer New York City NY, c.1840-1860; Brooklyn, New York 1860-1888
Midmer-Losh Merrick, New York from 1924.
Reuben Midmer & Sons Brooklyn, New York 1875-1896; Merrick, New York 1906-1924; Succeeded by Midmer-Losh
Mid-States Pipe Organ Co. Kansas City, Missouri from 1980s
Midwest Organ Omaha, Nebraska 1980s
Midwest Organ Service Illinois from 1920s
Midwest Pipe Organ Company no information
Thomas Mielke Indianapolis 1921
Edgar Miles Seattle, Washington
Abraham H. Miller Lebanon, Pennsylvania 1880s
Adam B. Miller Lebanon, PA c.1900
Allen R. Miller Glastonbury, Connecticut from 1980s
George Miller Dunwoody, Georgia from 1970s
Steven D. Miller Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 1980s
William D. Miller Cleveland, Missouri from 1980s
James Miller no information
Miller Organ Co. Cleveland, Ohio ca. 1939
Miller Organ Co. [A. B. & A. H. Miller] Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1873–1920s.
Miller Organ Co. Virginia City, Nevada
Miller Pipe Organ Co. / Miller Organ Service, LLC Louisville, Kentucky, 1972-2013; succeeded by Miller Organ Service, LLC, 2013.
Alexander Mills New York City, NY, by 1850 to after 1887
Milnar Organ Co. Nashville Tennessee, 1968. Relocated to Eagleville, Tennessee 1976. Active in 2016.
Loren Minear Salem, Oregon 1980s
Alex & Robert Mirrlees Scottish Builders mid 1800s
Carlton Mitchell England until 1885; United States circa 1886 until at least 1897.
Louis Mitchell Montréal, PQ, Canada, 1855-1893
Ben Mitchell North Carolina
Jay Mitchell & Associates Kennesaw, Georgia since 1957
Mitchell & Forte no information
Allen Moe, Organbuilder no information
Moeller Organs Active in Portland, Oregon 1980s.
Moe Pipe Organ Company Wadena, Minnesota from 1990
Rev. R. Mohr No Information
Mohr & Schirmer Identified through information from Mike Perfetto, St. James R. C., Carthage, New York
Moline Organ Co. Succeeded Lancashire & Turner; active in Moline, IL, 1879-1891; succeeded by the Lancashire-Marshall firm.
Moline Pipe Organ Co. no information
William J. Mollema Kalamazoo, MI late 1960's-1980's
William Monaghan Green Lane, Pennsylvania from 1980s
(Louis) Gayle Monette & Associates Charlotte, North Carolina, 1968; and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 1989.
Louis G. Montette no information
A. David Moore Co., Organbuilders North Pomfret, Vermont from 1973.
James D. Moore Worcester, Massachusetts, c.1870.
Ernest Moore Mechanicsville, NJ 1950s
Moorhouse, Bowman & Brandt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, early 1900s.
Moorhouse & Bowman Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1930s
Morel Organ Co. Arlington, Massachusetts, 1950s-1980s.
Morel & Associates Denver, Colorado from 1972
C. E. Morey Utica, New York 1895-1946
Morey & Barnes Utica, New York, 1893-1895.
John W. Morlock Lawrence, MA, 1988.
Ray Morse No Information
Richard Pike Morss Newburyport, MA, 1830s-1840s
Charles Mosely Tonal finisher with Wicks, Highland, Illinois 1980s.
Culver L. Mowers Brooktondale, NY, 1985-89
M. P. Möller, Inc. Hagerstown, Maryland, 1880–1992.
Bernard [Bernhard] Mudler Philadelphia, PA, 1875-1915; succeeded by Mudler-Hunter.
Mudler-Hunter Succeeded Bernard Mudler; Philadelphia, PA 1917-1989?
Richard F. Muench Hollywood, California from 1982
Müller & Abel New York, New York 1893-1903
Muller Pipe Organ Company Successor to Muller & Steinmeyer. Toledo, Ohio from 1952.
J.W. Muller Pipe Organ Company no information
Steiner-Murphy Organ Co. Cumberland, Maryland
Patrick J. Murphy & Associates Inc Organbuilders Alternate nameplate, Patrick J. Murphy
Patrick J. Murphy & Associates Organbuilders Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1987–1989; Stowe, Pennsylvania, from 1989.
Glenn Mutchler Dalton, OH 1980s
Mutchler Organ Co. No information
Edward E. Mylrea Calgary, Alberta, Canada, c 1910-16, Hollywood, CA c1916-1931
Mylrea Pipe Organ Co. Pico Rivera, California ca. 1986
William J. Napier Millersville, Pennsylvania from 1990s.
Shad Nau no information
Neill-Johnson Upper Montclair, New Jersey from 1940s
A.E. Nelsen Palo Alto, California
H. Nelson Durham, England, from 1883–1967.
Nelson Organ Co. Wolverton, Minnesota from 1980s
Neuman Organ Co. Seward, Nebraska, c. 1980s.
New Century Products Oceanside, CA 1975; San Diego, CA by 1990
Newcomer Organ Co. Washington, DC, 1939; operated shop in Smithsburg, MD, 1940s; sold to George Payne, 1983, active 1988
New England Organ Co. Rebuilt organ in North Providence, RI c. 1885
New England Organbuilders Willimantic, Connecticut
David Bruce Newman no information
Newton Pipe Organ Services San Jose, California from 1968
Nicholas-Bradford Organ Co. Wrentham, Massachusetts from 1981
Lance T. Nicholls Deerfield, New Hampshire, 1981–1988?; Davidson, North Carolina, 1988.
W. A. A. Nicholls English, 18th cent.
J. Anthony Nichols and John F. Werner III no information
Nicholson No Information
Nichols and Simpson, Inc. Little Rock, Arkansas from 1992
Richard A. Nickerson Medford, MA, 1980; in Melrose, MA, c. 1980s.
Ed Nickerson no information
Frank H. Niemann Son of and successor to Henry Niemann. Baltimore, Maryland 1899-1908
Henry Niemann German by birth; Baltimore, Maryland 1872-1899
Burt Nilson no information
Sam. Nittinger Listed as builder of c. 1897 organ at St. Michael's R. C., Philadelphia, PA?
Niven and Bishop Larry Niven and Ronald Bishop
Fritz Noack / Noack Organ Co. Lawrence, Massachsetts since 1960
Robert Noehren Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1950s-1960s.
Noehren-Harris Organ Co. no information
Herb Noennig no information
Nolte Organ Building [and Supply] Established by John Nolte in Milwaukee WI, 1987
John Nolte and Sons Organ Company Milwaukee, Wisconsin
James Nord Augusta, Georgia
John F. Nordlie with Noack Organ Co. of Georgetown, MA, 1974-1976; established J. F. Nordlie Co. of Sioux Falls, SD, 1976; active in 2015
J. F. Nordlie Co. Established by John F. Nordlie in Sioux Falls, SD, 1976;
Norman & Beard Norwich, England, 1887–1916
Norman Bros. & Beard Norwich & London England. Active 1897. Merged with Hill & Son in 1916.
Barry A. Norris Birmingham, Alabama from 1973
Northern Organs Hamilton, Ontario
Northwest Organ Service No distinguishing information available.
Lavern Norwood Birmingham, Alabama 1950s-1980s.
R. Ronald Norwood Fairhope, Alabama ca. 1960-1995.
F. E. Norwood and Sons Pensacola, Florida 1960s
Noveske-Lewis Grants Pass, Oregon
Shad Nua Yuma, Colorado
John Dennett Nutter Mont Vernon, NH, c.1830-c.1845; with Ephraim Stetson in Nashua, 1844; in Mont Vernon (Nashville?), NH, 1848-1853
Nutter & Kittredge Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, circa 1830-1853
William Nutting, Jr. Bellow Falls, VT, 1853; in Rockingham, VT, by 1860
New York Theatre Organ Society (NYTOS) New York City, NY and lower New York State since 1964
Frederick Obenhausen [Obenhauser?] Weisenberg Township {Northampton County}, PA, by 1806; in Reading, PA; in Pottstown, PA; bankrupt in 1817 and 1826.
William Frederick Obenhausen With brother John George Obenhausen in Kutztown, PA by 1828. In Reading, PA 1867. With John B. Schoener as Schoener & Obenhausen c. 1867
Gebrüder Oberlinger Original name of Oberlinger Orgelbeau
Obermeyer Organ Co. Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1970s
J. H. & C. S. Odell & Co. Est. New York City, 1859; to Mount Vernon, NY in 1928; Yonkers, New York from 1940s until 1985
J. H. & C. S. Odell County of Westchester, New York, 1992–2002; East Hampton, Connecticut, from 2002.
Philipp Odenbrett Waupun, Wisconsin, 1863; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1870–1916
Odenbrett & Abler Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1870–1885.
Ohio Organ Company no information
Edwin Alan Ohl Pipe Organs Pennsylvania from 1964
Mike Ohman removed organ, Provo, Utah, 1990s
Wolfram Organ Co. Active in Chicago, IL, 1871-1893; Hermann Wolfram.
Curt Oliver Minneapolis, Minnesota
Conrad Olsen no information
Sture Olson No information
J.D. Olson Eugene, Oregon
Olympic Organ Builders Seattle, WA, c. 1968
C. M. Oman Garwood, NJ c. 1891; in New York City, NY, 1899;
Glen Oment No information
Paul O'Neil Seattle, Washington 1930s
Ontko & Young Co. Charleston, South Carolina 1979-2000
Organ Clearing House Established 1959 by the Organ Historical Society; operated independently since 1964
Organcraft Associates Pittsburgh, PA, 1963 - 1980s
Organ Loft Short Falls (Epson), NH, 1950
Organ Service Co. Tomahawk, Wisconsin 1980s.
Orgelbau Klais Bonn Bonn, Germany 1960s
Jonathan Ortloff no information
Ortloff Organ Company, LLC Brookline MA from 2014
Gerald Orvold Minneapolis, Minnesota 1970s-1980s
Orpha Ochse and Hunter Mead Pasadena, California, 1961.
Michael O'Sullivan no information
Paul Ott Göttingen, Germany from 1969
John W. Otto Baltimore, Maryland 1887-1892
Martin Ott Pipe Organ Co. St. Louis, Missouri from 1973
Thaddeus H. H. Outerbridge, III Beverly, Massachusetts from 1968
Barbara Owen Gloucester, MA, 1961-1979, Newburyport, MA, from 1989
Owner No distinguishing information available.
P & S Organ Supply Company Essex, United Kingdom, 1960s–1970s; Brandon, Suffolk, United Kingdom, 1970s to present.
Page Organ Co. Defiance, Ohio ca. 1923, then Lima, Ohio until 1934.
Paine & Sparrow Portland, ME, 1831-c. 1835
Paine & Wetmore No distinguishing information available.
Elmer E. Palm Reading, PA, 1880s -1922;
Palm Brothers Reading, PA. late 1800s
Samuel W. Parker Active in Vermont, late 1800s
Phillip Parkey & Associates Atlanta, Georgia, 1989–2003; Norcross Georgia, from 2003.
Parkey OrganBuilders Nameplate used by Phil Parkey after 2002
Parkmann & Greenwood Massachusetts, ca. 1850? (No reliable information available)
Carl and karen Parks Amateur Builders
Bryant Gideon Parsons, Jr. Rochester, NY; Hagerstown, MD; late 1940s; Penfield, NY; Houston TX 1979
Parsons Organ Co. Penfield, New York from 1979; Canadaigua, New York 1989–1995.
Parsons Pipe Organ Builders Name used by Parsons Organ Co. after c. 1995.
Bryant G. Parsons & Son Penfield, NY, 1979; Canadaigua, NY until 1995
Martin F. Pasi Tacoma, WA, 1988; in Roy, WA, by 1995
Pasi Organ Builders, Inc. Roy, Washington from 1990s
William F. Patchell Malden, Massachusetts from 1950s
Patterson Organ Co. No distinguishing information available.
Payne and Grooms no information
George Payne Pipe Organs Richmond, Virginia from 1958
Albert E. Pease Newington, England. Active c. 1890
Otto W. Pebworth no information
Robert Peck New Hampshire
Lauren A. Peckham Breesport, New York 1980s
David Peckham Son of Lauren A. Peckham. Installed Johnson organ in Horsehead, NY in 1983
L.A. Peckham and Son Pipe Organ Service Breesport, New York
Peden Organ Builders no information
Peebles-Herzog Service firm. Columbus, Ohio from 1974
Pelland Organ Co. Derry, NH 1980's and 1990's.
Pels Predecessor of Pels & van Leeuwen, 1960s
Pels & van Leeuwen Waardenburg, Netherlands from 1970s
Pembroke No Information
Pennington Pendarvis no information
H. R. Pennsyle No information; in North Carolina 1940s
Robert Pepin (Pépin) With Casavant firm of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1952.
Peragallo Organ Co. Paterson, New Jersey
Peragallo Pipe Organ Co. Paterson, New Jersey from 1918.
Harley Perkins no information
Michael Perrault Chicago, Illinois
Peters, Weiland & Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1972
Jim Peterson No Information
David Petty & Associates Eugene, Oregon
Petty-Madden Hopewell, New Jersey, from 1978
George J. Pfeffer & Son St. Louis, Missouri early 1880s.
J. G. Pfeffer Born in Germany 1823; to US/Canada 1854; established J. G. Pfeffer & Son, St. Louis 1882.
J.G. Pfeffer & Son Established St. Louis, Missouri in 1882. 1909-1919 owned by Kilgen.
Pfeffer & Son Alternate Nameplate
Edward Pfeifer German by birth; New York City 1860s; Austin, Texas 1867-1904
E. Pfeifer & Son Austin, Texas 1899-1929
Elsworth Phelps Phelps & Pease of Cooperstown, New York, early 1800s.
Lawrence Phelps & Associates Erie, Pennsylvania 1973-79.
Phoenix Organs Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
George Peirce New Bedford, Massachusetts ca. 1890-1900
Henry Pilcher [III] [Henry Pilcher, III] 1859-62; old opus nos. 39-46. 1869-71; new opus nos. 122-125.
Henry Pilcher [Jr. or II] St. Louis, MO, 1852-1863; Chicago, IL 1863-1874; Louisville, KY, 1874-1891
Henry Pilcher [Henry Pilcher, Sr.] Born 1798 in England, came to US in 1832, succeeded by sons and grandsons
William Pilcher & Son Chicago 1871-73; St. Louis 1874-78.
William H. Pilcher St. Louis, Missouri, 1858-59, 1874-1878; Chicago, Illinois, 1863-74; New Orleans, Louisianna, New York City, Chicago, Illinois, 1910.
Wm. & Chas. H. Pilcher Brooklyn, New York, 1906-1910.
H. & W. Pilcher Organ Co. 1852-58 and 1862 in St. Louis; old opus nos. 21-28 and 47-49. Also Chicago, 1863-64; old opus nos. 50-61.
Henry E. Pilcher Organ Co. See OrganID 17159
Pilcher Brothers (New Orleans) New Orleans, Louisiana, 1883 1892.
Pilcher Bros., Chicago Chicago, 1866-76. Old opus nos. 71-86. Reorganized under same name, 1867-69; old opus nos. 87-95 and 119-121. 1871-73; new opus nos. 126-137.
Pilcher Bros. and Chant Chicago, Illinois, 1864-1866.
H. Pilcher & Sons Louisville from 1874; opus nos. 138-300 (ca.).
Henry Pilcher's Sons Louisville, Kentucky, from 1884. (Succeeding Henry Pilcher & Sons)
Gregory Pilkington Longmont, Colorado
D.F. Pilzecker & Co. Toledo, OH, 1970; active in 1988.
Fratelli Pinchi Italian Builder
Pipe Organ Artisans No distinguishing information available.
Pipe Organ Builder Associates Portland, Oregon
Pipe Organ Craftsmen No information available
Pipe Organ Foundation Mercer Island, Washington from ca. 2000.
Pipe Organs, Inc. Identified through information from Jim Lewis
Pipe Organ Sales & Service Pennsylvania ca. 1988.
Pipe Organ Sales & Service, Inc. Lithonia, Georgia from 1989
Pipe Organ Service Associates Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1980s.
Pipe Organ Services Columbus, Ohio
Pipe Organs Hawaii Honolulu, HI, 1967
Pipe Organs Inc. Los Angeles, CA, c. 1959; acquired by Ken Simpson & Co., c. 1964
Pipe Organ Specialties, Inc. Laurel, Mississippi from ca. 1990
Pipes and Strings Goshen, Indiana
Darrell Pitchford no information
Donald Pole Chatham, ON, Canada, 1989
H. Ronald Poll Salt Lake City, Utah, 1970s–1989.
H. Ronald Poll & Associates, Inc. Salt Lake City, Utah from 1970s
August B. Pomplitz Baltimore, MD, c.1850-c. 1862
Louisa Pomplitz Baltimore, MD, c.1876-c. 1887
Pomplitz Church Organ Co. Baltimore, Maryland, 1850-1887.
Pomplitz & Rodewald Baltimore, MD, c.1850-c. 1862
Samuel Poorman New York City, NY, from c. 1897; died 1914
Anthony Porto Co. Brooklyn, New York 1920s
Potter-Rathbun Cranston, Rhode Island 1960s-1980s
Praestant No Information
August Prante Louisville, KY, by 1866; St. Meinrad, IN, 1874-c. 1889; Owensboro, KY, c. 1889-1891; Louisville, KY, 1892
Prante organ Works Chillicothe, Ohio
Henry Pratt Winchester, NH by 1790; died 1849
Walter D. Price No information
George B. Price Tekonsha, Michigan 1970s
W. W. Price & Co. Active in New York City, NY, 1870
Price Pipe Organs Detroit Michigan 1958-1983; Houston, Texas from 1983.
Michael Proscia Organbuilder Bowdon, Georgia from 1992
Proscia Organ Company Alternate nameplate
Michael Proscia Organs Inc. Bowdon, Georgia
Providence Organ Inc. Established 1946; operated by Guy Therien and Andre, Guilbault; active in St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, 1971
Puget Sound Pipe Organs no information
V. D. Putten No Information
Quimby Pipe Organs, Inc. Warrensburg, Missouri, since 1979.
Pascal Quoirin Saint-Didier, France
Dominic Joseph Radanovich no information
Radeker & Kreutzer No Information
A. Radziewicz Organ Co. Newark, NJ, c. 1915-1920
Rainbow Organ Company Operated by Larry Stofer
John L. Randolph New York (Brooklyn) from 1964.
Rex McKenzie Range Dallas, Texas from late 1980s
Range Organ Co. Mesquite, Texas from 1990; Dallas, Texas from 1995.
David Rankin and Ted Landon Ellsworth, Kansas 2007
M. P. Rathke, Inc. Michael P. Rathke, Massachusetts, from ca. 2000
Chester A. Raymond Princeton, New Jersey, 1933-1960s.
Eric S. Reagan Knoxville, Tennessee
Roy A. Redman (Organ Co.) Fort Worth, Texas, from 1968
Redman Pipe Organs Fort Worth, Texas
William Redstone Sr. New York City, NY; listed 1810-1823
Charles Reed Boylston, MA
Earle W. Reed Boylston, Massachusetts 1950s
George W. Reed West Boylston, Massachusetts 1880s-1915.
Reuben Gaylord Reed West Boylston, MA, 1858-1884
G.W. Reed & Son West Boylston, Massachusetts 1880s-1932.
Robert Reichert Seattle, Washington
Wilson S. Reiley Washington, DC 1890s-ca. 1920
Henry Reinisch Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, Michigan ca. 1920
Renaissance Pipe Organ Co. Ann Arbor, Michigan
T.R. Rench & Co. Racine, Wisconsin from 1980s
A. H. Renier 1927
Martin Renshaw No distinguishing information available.
John Renton Scottish
Reproduco no information
M. R. Resig (Associates) Fayetteville, NY, c. 1980s
Reuter Organ Co. Lawrence, Kansas, from 1920.
Reuter-Schwarz Organ Co. Highland, Illinois, 1917–1919. Lawrence, Kansas, 1919. Succeeded by Reuter Organ Co. 1920.
James & Lydia Reynolds No Information
Reynolds Associates, Inc. Thaddeus Reynolds, Marion, Indiana from 1974.
Charles M. Rich No information
Josiah Richards West Bridgewater, MA 1825
Richards, Fowkes & Co. Ooltewah, TN, from 1988
Bill Richardson Installed Hinners Op. 1515 (1912) in Newman UMC, Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1990
Wilson Ricker Cambridge, MA, 1880's
Blaine G. Ricketts California, 1980s
Rider Pipe Organs Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1980s
Joseph Ridges Salt Lake City, Utah, 1857; active in 1860s.
Rieger-Kloss Czech firm (originally Austrian) established 1873, nationalized 1948, privatized 1990s?; American representative: Euro Musik Corporation
Rieger Orgelbau In Vorarlberg, Austria in 1975; later Schwarzach, Austria
Rieger Orgelbau Schwarzach, Austria from 1950's; Founded by Joseph von Glatter-Goetz
Otto Rindlisbacher No Information
Rister Pipe Organs no information
Rive Organ Company 811 Focis St., Metairie, Louisiana
Rive Pipe Organ Co. (Rivé) New Orleans, LA, c. 1900, active in Metairie, LA, 1989
Robert Morton Organ Co. Robert-Morton (1917-1925); (1925-1929) hyphen dropped in 1925; Van Nuys CA
John Roberts Philadelphia, PA by 1853; East Cambridge, MA, by 1856; Philadelphia, PA by 1864;
Joe Roberts No information
Len Roberts Organ Co. Milwaukee
Thomas Robjohn New York City, NY, 1839-1847; in Troy, NY, 1834-1838; New York City, NY, 1858 -1860s
Frank Robl No distinguishing information available.
Robert-Morton Company (1917-1925) Successor to California Organ Co. of Van Nuys, California.
Roche Organ Co. Taunton, MA, from 1967
Rochester Theatre Organ Society Rochester, New York
Rockford Organ Co. Rockford, Illinois in the 1950s
Rock Island Organ Co. Rock Island,IL, 1927-1930
Kurt E. Roderer Evanston, Illinois, ca. 1968.
Roderer Organ Co. Evanston, Illinois, from ca. 1968.
Rodgers Organ Co. (Instrument Corp.) Hillsboro, Oregon from 1984
Rodgers/Ruffatti no information
Henry Rodier With Casavant firm of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1953.
Clarence Roggmann Waynesboro, Virginia from 1970s
Vince Roland no information
Frank Roosevelt Head of Roosevelt Organ Company, New York, 1886-1893
Hilborne L. Roosevelt New York, New York 1872-1886
Roosevelt Utility name for Roosevelt organs without clear provenance/nameplate
Roosevelt Organ Works [Hilborne Roosevelt Organs] New York City, New York, 1872–1893; branches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland.
Manuel Rosales & Associates Los Angeles, California from 1973, predecessor to Rosales Organ Builder Inc. (1977)
Rosales/Glatter-Götz Los Angeles CA and Pfullendorf, Germany since 2004
Rosales Organ Builders, Inc. Los Angeles, California 1977-2005; Successor to Manuel Rosales & Associates; Predecessor to Rosales Pipe Organ Services, Inc.
Parsons-Rosales Pipe Organs Collaboration of Manual Rosales and Parson Organ Co for St Paul's Episcopal Church, Richmond VA in 2000.
Rosales Pipe Organ Services Los Angeles, California from 2005; successor to Rosales Organ Builders Inc.
Wilson Ross no information
Massimo Rossi Active in (PQ?), Canada, 1987
Ross Organ Co. no information
R. O. Rowe Organs Dallas Texas from c. 1980.
Robert S. Rowland St. Johnsville, Utica, and Ossining, New York; 1920s-1940s
Henry R. Ruby Pipe Organs Denver, Colorado 1940s-1980s
Fratelli Ruffatti Italian firm.
Charles M. Ruggles (Pipe Organs) Cleveland Heights, OH, 1975; in Olmsted Falls [now Berea], OH, 1981; in Conifer, CO, by 1995; active in 2015
Ruhland Organ Co. Cleveland, Ohio, 1930; Parma and Cleveland, Ohio, 1989-1995.
Bradley Rule / B. Rule & Co. New Market, Tennessee, from 1991
Joseph D. Rulli no information
Stephen J. Russell & Co. Vermont, from 1980s
Roland R. Rutz (Pipe Organ Co.) Founded 1979. Active in Fairbault, MN, 1989; in Morristown, MN, by 1995
Rutz Organ Co. Minnesota from 1979
Norman Ryan Boston, MA; c.1970; Middletown, OH; in Winston-Salem, NC in 1976-1988;
Geo. H. Ryder Firm established 1870 Boston, Massachusetts.
M. Sagar Moses Sagar, Leeds, England, 19th century.
T. Sahr no information
Salem Church Organ Co. Salem, Ohio 1895-1900
Salmen Organs & Farms David Salmen South Dakota from 1980s.
David Russell Salmen South Dakota
Salzman Pipe Organ Services no information
E. Russell Sanborn New Hampshire, 1930s-40s
Thomas Prentice Sanborn Boston, Massachusetts and Indianapolis, Indiana ca. 1870 - ca. 1903
Thomas Prentice Sanborn & Son Indianapolis, Indiana 1871-1900
H. Sanders Baltimore, MD, c. 1869
Shawn Sanders Houston
John Santoianni Durham, North Carolina
Luc Santoire With Casavant firm of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1945; rebuilt organ in NH, 1979
Frank J. Sauter & Sons Aslip, Illinois from 1980s
Schaedle Pipe Organ Services Cincinnati, Ohio from 1985
Bernard Schaefer Schleisingerville [Slinger}, Wisconsin from 18775-1914
Schaefer Organ Company Succeeded B. Schaefer & Sons; Schleisingerville (now Slinger), WI, 1920; Weickhardt-Schaefer 1924/1925; became service firm c. 1969; active in 1984.
B. Schaefer & Sons Co. Wisconsin, 1910–1920; succeeded by Schafer Organ Co.
Schantz Organ Co. Orrville, Ohio from 1873
Schantz Organ Company alternate nameplate
Schantz Alternate nameplate, Schantz Organ Co.
A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co. Orrville, Ohio. Name of firm 1892–1946, succeeded by Schantz Organ Co.
Herman L. Schlicker Germany prior to 1925; Erie PA; North Tonawanda NY; Buffalo NY 1932-1974 (his death)
H. L. Schlicker Company No information, presumed to be alternate nameplate for Schlicker Organ Company
Schlicker Organ Co. Buffalo, New York, from 1932.
Alexander Schlottman Active in Pennsylvania ca. 1800
A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company Lithonia, Georgia since 1990
A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Sales & Service Alternate nameplate
Phillip Schlueter and Steven Williams Worked in Seattle ca. 2000
Johann Adam Schmahl No distinguishing information available.
Robert Schmitz No distinguishing information available.
Matthias Schneider Philadelphia, PA, 1818
Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc. Kenney, Illinois from c. 1980.
Schneider Orgelbau Werkstatt Predecessor of Schneider Pipe Organs, Inc. 1976-1989
Louis Schoen San Francisco, CA, c. 1915
Art Schoenberger New Orleans
Felix Fridolin Schoenstein San Francisco, California ca. 1880–1936.
Lawrence L. Schoenstein San Francisco, California
Leo F. Schoenstein, Sr. San Francisco and Van Nuys, California ca. 1907-1951
Otto Schoenstein San Francisco, California. Active ca. 1910-ca. 1965.
Terrence P. Schoenstein Honolulu, Hawaii, 1983 to at least 1987.
Felix F. Schoenstein & Sons San Francisco, California, 1877–1980s.
Schoenstein & Co. San Francisco, California, from 1980s.
Felix F. Schoenstein & Co. San Francisco, California, 1960s
John Schreiner With C. B. Fisk firm of Gloucester, MA, by 1989-1995
David Schroth, Jr. no information
Schudi Organ Co. Dallas, Texas, 1970; Garland, Texas, ca. 1980-1990.
Karl Schuke German builder, led family firm Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt from 1953-76; died 1987
Wm. Schuelke Organ Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1886-1914
Bruce Schultz and Associates No information
Schuricht Organ Company Los Angeles, California
Mathias Schwab Established firm in Cincinnati, OH, 1831; succeeded by Koehnken & Co., 1860;
Schwenkedel No Information
Scultetus & Mantel Partnership of Jacob Scultetus and John Mantel in New York City, NY, c. 1900
S.D.G. Pipe Organs Active in Millersville, PA, 1995
Joe Sechkar and Jeremy Lumby no information
Second Wind Tom Britaniak
Seidle Organ Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jim Sendling Dallas, Texas
Steven E. Sennholtz no information
Severson No Information Available
Seybold Organ Co. Pipe and reed Organs, Peoria, Illinois
Gideon Shamir Israeli builder
John Shaw Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Shawhan Pipe Organs James K. Shawhan, Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1972,
John F. Shawhan Saginaw, Michigan 1956-65; Chicago 1969-85.
Shellard & McCraith San Francisco, CA, c. 1860s-1880
Shenandoah Organ Studio, Inc. Robert G. Lent and Jean E. Lent. Lyndhurst, Virginia from 1989.
Reginald Shepherd Pennsylvania? 1900.
Peter Shockley Kansas City, MO. Wicks service representative, northwestern, MO c. 1992-1996+.
David Shooks West Michigan
Bill Shrive Netherlands
Bruce Shull Organbuilder Charleston, West Virginia 1977-81
Bruce Shultz Lansdowne, Pennsylvania 1980s
Siedel Organ Co. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1980s
Silsby & Co. Bellows Falls, Vermont, ca. 1811
Frederick Julian Simmons Detroit, MI, 1875? 1880
W.B.D. Simmons & Co. Boston, Massachusetts, 1860–1876
Wm. B. D. Simmons Alternate nameplate, W.B.D. Simmons & Co.
Simmons & Fisher Boston, MA, 1856-c. 1859
Simmons & McIntire Boston, MA, 1845-1851
Simmons & Willcox Partnership of William Simmons and John Henry Willcox in Boston, MA, 1858-1860
Mack Simons no information
Pat Simonton no information
Kenneth R. Simpson & Co. Los Angeles, California 1964-1980s
Robert L. Sipe (& Associates) Texas from 1972.
Robert L. Sipe, Inc. Dallas, Texas 1965-68, at Aeolian-Skinner 69-72. reestablished in Garland TX 1974
Sipe-Yarbrough Celina, Texas, 1960-1964.
David W. Skinner Organ Co. Bourbonnais and Manteno, Illinois, 1968 and following.
Ernest M. Skinner Reading, MA, 1886-c. 1890; MA, c. 1890-1902, Boston, MA, 1902-1932; Methuen, MA 1936; Reading, MA, 1943; Orrville, OH, 1947-1948; Methune MA, 1949-1960
Ernest M. Skinner & Co. Boston, 1902-1904
E.M. Skinner Boston, 1904-1919, proceeded by Ernest M. Skinner & Co. and succeeded by Skinner Organ Co., 1919
Skinner Organ Co. Operated by E. M. Skinner, 1919-1932
E.M. Skinner Co., Inc. Massachusetts 1958-1959; Florida 1959-c.1975; East Kingston, New Hampshire, 1982-1987.
The Ernest M. Skinner Co. 1904-1919?
Skinner & Cole Organ Co. Ernest M. Skinner and James Cole, Boston, Massachusetts 1903.
Skinner Organ Company, Lake Wales, Florida Lake Wales, Florida
E.M. Skinner & Son Methuen, Massachusetts 1936-43; thereafter in Reading, Massachusetts.
Ernest M. Skinner & Son Methuen and Reading, Massachusetts, 1936-1949
Orglarstvo Anton Škrabl Founded 1990 in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia
E. C. Slack no information
Vladimir Slajch no information
Bon R. Smith Avon, Connecticut, 1989.
Edward H. Smith Vermont, 1850s-1889
Elmore Smith New Haven, CT, by 1840 to beyond 1890
Frederick W. Smith & Sons Pneumatic Organ Co. Oakland, California 1924-1928
Joseph W. Smith Boyleston Center, MA, 1927; in Worcester, MA, 1930s-1940s,
Wayne M. (Organs) Smith Wichita, KS, c. 1980s
William Smith Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1785; in Rhode Island, 1790; in New York, 1800-1810;
William F. Smith Active in Yonkers, NY, c. 1900-1920s
Jack Smith Northwestern Missouri, 1976.
Denison Smith Hartford, Connecticut, 1836.
(Father) Bernard Smith England, 17th century
Smith Unit Organ Co. Operated by Frederick W. Smith, Chicago, Illinois 1921-1924
Paul Smith no information
Smith-Geneva One of the names used by Geneva Organ Co., Geneva, Illinois 1924
Smith & Gilbert Timothy E. Smith and Theodore Gilbert
Scott Smith Pipe Organs, LLC no information
Carlton Smith Pipe Organ Restorations No distinguishing information available.
John Snetzler English builder of Swiss origin; 1710-1785
Clair Snyder no information
Snyder-Neuman Seward, Nebraska, 1963 to at least 1972.
Snyder Organ Repairs Dayton, Pennsylvania, 1980s.
Snyder Pipe Organ Co. Portland, Oregon
Vladimir Sobatka Olomouc, Czech Republic
John H. Sole Boston, Massachusetts 1888-1892; Reading, Massachusetts 1892-4; Fremont, Ohio 1894-1928
Southfield Organ Builders no information
South Island Organ Company New Zealand
Gebr. Späth Gebrüder Späth; Ennetach, Germany from 1862
Spearman-Hawkinson, Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina
Josef Speldrick No Information
Edwin A. Spencer Detroit, Michigan; Berkeley, California; Los Angeles California 1906-12; Van Nuys CA 1912-17; Pasadena, CA 1922-1947
Rock D. Spencer New Hampshire, 1970s
W. S. Spencer Hamilton, ON, Canada, 1902
Spencer Organ Co., Inc. Waltham, Massachusetts, since 1995
Hugo Spiker No Information
Hugo Spilker Victoria, BC, Canada
Sam Sponsellar no information
Wesley Spore No Information
Grant Sprague No information
L T Sprinkle & Associates Lawrence T. Sprinkle
Ludovic Christian [Ludowick Sprogell] Sprogel Philadelphia, PA before 1729;
Spurden-Rutt Ltd. London, England. Active 1915
Hugo Staal No Information
Leopold Stadelman Italy. Active 1972
Don Stagg no information
Standard Rolling Mills Brooklyn, New York, 1913'
John C. B. Standbridge Philadelphia, PA, 1840, active beyond 1865.
J. C. B. Standbridge & Sons Philadelphia, 1870-1880
Stannke Organ Co. Rock Island, Illinois 1930s and 1940s.
Roy E. Staples Brattleboro, Vermont, 1910s and 20s
W. J. Staub Syracuse, New York 1890s.
St. Dunstan-Art Organ Works No Information
Steele Organ Co. Pontiac, Michigan
J. W. Steere Westfield, Massachusetts, 1867–1879; Springfield, Massachusetts, 1879–1900.
Steere Organ Company Springfield, Massachusetts ca. 1918—1921.
J. W. Steere & Son Organ Co. No distinguishing information available.
J. W. Steere & Sons Springfield, Massachusetts 1891-1894.
J. W. Steere & Son Springfield, Massachusetts 1894-1917.
J. W. Steere & Son DUPLICATE?
Steere & Turner [John S. Steere] John S. Steere and George W. Turner, 1893-1894
Steere & Turner [J.W. Steer] Westfield, MA, 1866-1879; SpringField MA 1879-1891
Johannes Steigerwalt, [Stirewalt] North Carolina, 1790s
Adam Stein, (Organ Works) Baltimore, MD 1863-1864; York, PA, 1867; Westfield MA, c. 1870; Baltimore, MD, 1880, New York City, NY, 1889, Baltimore, MD, c. 1892–1922.
Jim Steinborn Fort Collins, Colorado from 1993
Phares L. Steiner Birmingham, MI, 1955-1957; established Steiner Organs of Cincinnati, OH, 1959; relocated to Louisville, KY, 1962; partner with Gottfried Reck in Steiner-Reck Louisville, KY, 1968-88, free lan
Steiner Organs, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio 1959; Louisville, Kentucky 1962-68,
Steiner-Reck Organ Co. Louisville, Kentucky from 1968
John H. Steinkampf, Jr. Partner with Allan Van Zoeren in Van Zoeren-Steinkampf of New York City, NY, 1968?); active in Yonkers, NY, 1985; reed voicer
Steinkampf-McKown no information
G. F. Steinmeyer & Co. Oettingen, Germany
Dennis Stephens With Rappahannock Organ Co. 1990's
Al Sterner no information
Stettner Pipe Organs No distinguishing information available.
Geo. Stevens & Co. Massachusetts ca. 1830-1890
W. S. Stevens Moravia, New York fl. 1890s-1930s
William Stevens Massachusetts, 1860s-1870s
Geo. Stevens See main entry.
Stevens & Co. Partnership of William Stevens, Horatio Davis and James Jewett in Boston, MA, c. 1852; renamed Stevens, Davis & Jewett, c. 1853
Stevens & Jewett Partnership of William Stevens and James Jewett in Boston, MA, 1854-1862; succeeded by the firm of William Stevens
Mark Stewart no information
M. Steinert & Sons Active in Boston in 1905; Nameplate on organ actually built by James Cole
Nobel M. Stidham, Jr. Lubbock, TX 1980s
St. James Organ Co. no information
St. Louis Pipe Organ Co. Berkley, MO; in St. Louis, MO, 1988
St. Marys Pipe Organ Co. Name appears on Salix, IA organ built by Votteler-Hettche Co
Lee Stoll Organ Co. Oshkosh, Wisconsin from 1940s
Stoltz and Schwem no information
Don Marshall Stone Alexandria, VA. 1969
Marshall Stone Key West, Florida
Stanley Stone West Michigan
David M. Storey Independent organ technician and restorer in Baltimore, from 1986
David Story No information
Carl Stradtman 1980s
Gottlieb Strahlheim Pennsylvania, early 19th century
A.R. Strauss Ithaca, New York
Richard Strauss Organs Active in Ithaca, NY, 1960s-1970s
Strawbridge No Information
Johannes Strumphler Netherlands (1700's)
St. Thomas Organ Co. Gardner and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 1970s
Levi U. Stuart Organs New York City, New York, 1860–ca. 1900.
William James Stuart, Jr. Organ builder Albany NY; b.1828-d.1904; established firm of William J. Stuart & Brothers 1871-1901;
William J. Stuart & Bros. Albany, New York c. 1870-1901.
Stuart Organ Co. Established by Richard Hedgebeth in Springfield, MA, 1973; closed in 1984
Josiah Sturtevant Meredith, NH, c. 1848
Suid-Afrikaanse Orgelbouers No Information Available
Brian Sullivan Bloomington, MN, c. 1986, tuner and woodworker; active in 1989
Swain & Kates, Inc. San Francisco, California, 1960s–1982
Richard Swanson Lansing, MI, c. 1985; active in 1989
R. T. Swanson, Inc. Grand Ledge, Michigan
Philip J. Swartz Jacksonville, Florida, 1980s; Eatonton, Georgia, before 2001.
Swearingen No Information Available
Swem Pipe Organ Maintenance Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1980s
Michael Hartmann Swinger established firm in Belleville, OH, 1974, portative and positive organs; in Carroll, OH, 1976
Francis J. N. Tallman Nyack, New York 1890s, New York City: Brooklyn after ca. 1903
Tamburini Italian builder, Crema Italy from 1893
Isidore Tanguay With Casavant firm of St. Hyacinthe, PQ, Canada, c. 1942
David Tannenberg Saxony, Germany; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1749; Lititz, Pennsylvania, 1765-1804
Susan Tattershall Organs Texas, New York, and Tlaxcala, Mexico from 1979
J. C. Taylor & Co. Appleton, WI, 1977; established firm in Appleton, WI; in Kaukauna, WI; active in 1989-1995
Keith Taylor Jefferson, Maine
Taylor & Boody Organbuilders Middletown, Ohio, 1980; Staunton, Virginia, since 1980.
Tellers-Kent Organ Co. Successor to Tellers-Sommerhoff; Erie, PA 1918-1933; acquired A. B. Felgemaker firm of Erie, PA, 1918; bankrupt 1933,
Tellers Organ Co. Erie, Pennsylvania from 1945; Ceased building organs in 1973 but continued as service firm and sales representative until at least 2006
Tellers-Sommerhoff Organ Co. Erie, Pennsylvania 1906-cas. 1918; succeeded by Tellers-Kent firm.
A. R. Temple & Associates Chicago, Illinois from 1930s
Temple Organ Co. Iowa 1960s-1980s
Temple Organs no information
Tenerowicz Organ Co. Buffalo, New York
Ter Hart No Information
Terrill Organ Co. Established by Dudley Terrill. In Northwood, NH 1976. Active in Bow, NH, 1988
Randy Terry No distinguishing information available.
Jacob Teschemacher Shop in Wuppertal(-Eberfeld), Germany
Theis No Information
Zacharias Theisner Seventeenth-Century German
Erven Thoma Ann Arbor, Michigan 1980s
Thomas R. Thomas Palm Beach, Florida 1980s
Art Thompson 1983-1988 California; 1988-2007 Oregon; Alaska from 2007.
A. Thompson-Allen Co. New Haven, Connecticut from 1950s
Joel Thomson With Philip A. Beaudry firm of Lowell, MA, 1982
Burton K. Tidwell Organbuilder Corporate name for Burton Tidwell, organ builder and consultant, from 1996, in Caldwell Kansas, 2015
Timothy Tikker Ann Arbor, Michigan
Edward A. Tilton Boston, MA, c. 1855; Springfield, MA, 1867-1884; Kendal Green, MA, 1898;
Lathrop C. Tilton East Livermore, ME, 1860s
Ron Tindall & Associates R. E. Tindall, Newport News, Virginia
Toledo Pipe Organ Co. Dayton, Ohio from 1943
C. M. Topcliff Rochester, NY, 1911; active in 1925
C. M. Topliff Rochester, New York
Domenico Traeri Italian builder, 18th century
Vincent Treanor III no information
Brazillai Treat Bristol, Connecticut 1820s-1830s.
James Treat & Co. Methuen, Massachusetts 1890s; 1898 renamed Methuen Organ Co.
James D. Trees no information
Gustav F. Treu German immigrant. St. Louis, Missouri 1888-1931
Treu Pipe Organ Co. St. Louis, Missouri 1905-1929
Triune Music Elmhurst, Illinois
Rodney Trostad No information
Lawrence Trupiano with Gilbert Adams firm of New York City, NY; established Mann & Trupiano of New York City, NY, 1972; active in 1989
Robert M. Turner Hopewell, New Jersey ca. 1970; California thereafter.
Philip Tyre No Information
Julius Ulbricht Dubuque, IA, 1857-60; in Tell City, IN, ca. 1861, in St. Louis, MO, ca. 1866, partner with Henry Mayer in Mayer & Ulbricht of St. Louis, 1867; in Troy, IN, ca. 1868
Ulm Orgelwerke no information
William E. Unbehaun with Fritts-Richards Organ Builders of Tacoma, WA, 1988
Unfried-Borror La Mirada, CA; 1980s
United Organ Company Perhaps a division of United Organ & Bell Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Unknown Builder Patent 1921; pipe
Rev. D. Unterschultz No Information
Jan van Daalen Dutch, founded Van Daalen Organbuilding in Minneapolis, Minnesoty in 1969.
J. H. van der Veer Netherlands. Active 1992
Louis H. Van Dinter Established by Louis Hubert Van Dinter in Mishawaka, Indiana in 1886; known as Van Dinter Pipe Organ Factory by 1893.
Henry Van Seters Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, 1980s
Van Vulpen No Information Available
Allan Van Zoeren New York City, New York, 1968?; of Aloha, Oregon, 1980.
Van Zoeren Organs Aloha, Oregon 1980-1984; Hillsboro, Oregon from 1984.
Van Daalen Organbuilding Minneapolis and Plymouth, Minnesota from 1969
J.L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw BV Netherlands from 1967
Cornelius Vander Stelt No information
Kees Vandertrapp no information
Vanderzee Organs no information
Vaughan Organ Co. Holdrege, Nebraska 1962-ca. 1980
The Vaughan Co. Holdrege, Nebraska from 1960s until at least 1983
Vaughan Keyboard Service, Inc. Rockwall, Texas
Donald Jon Vaughn no information
Vaughn-Weed no information
Gerrit Verkade Designed organ cases for Berghaus Organ Co. of Bellwood, IL, in 1970s- 1980s.
Verlinden Organ Co. Succeeded Verlinden, Weickhardt & Dornoff; established by Edmond A. Verlinden in Milwaukee, WI, 1930; active in Greenfield, WI, c. 1980s
Gebrs. Vermeulen Netherlands builder
Verney Organ Company Established by William C. Verney in Mason City, IA, 1900; (closed by 1910?)
Leonard Vernon no information
Verscheuren No Information Available
Augustinus Vicedomini Italian Builder, 18th century
Augustus Vicidomini Italian builder, eighteenth century
Vince B. Ho California
Charles Viner Westfield, MA; established Charles Viner & Son of Buffalo, NY, 1888/1889; in San Diego, then Watsonville, CA, 1909;
Charles B. Viner with father in Charles Viner & Son of Buffalo, NY, 1888/1889; active until 1963
Viner Organ Co. active in Buffalo, NY, 1944
Charles Viner & Son Buffalo, New York, 1899-1930.
Jan Visage Buffalo, IA, 1991. Active in Northvale, NJ, 1988
Visscher & Associates Santa Cruz area, California 1984-2002?
Visser & Associates Houston, Texas from ca. 2000; successor to Visser-Rowland Associates
Visser-Rowland Associates Houston, TX, 1973-99; succeed by Visser & Associates, Tomball TX 1999
Visser-Rowland Alternate nameplate, Visser-Rowland Associates
Vocalion Co. Worcester, Massachusetts.
H. H. Vogelpohl & Sons Succeeded Vogelpohl & Spaeth; established by Herman Henry Vogelpohl and sons Herman A. and Ernest C. Vogelpohl in New Ulm, MN, 1914-1921.
Vogelpohl & Spaeth Partnership of Herman H. Vogelpohl and Jacob C. Spaeth in New Ulm, MN, 1890-1913; succeeded by H. H. Vogelpohl & Sons.
George Vogt Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1870s
Henri de Volder Belgian organbuilder, nineteenth century
Belmont Joseph Von Jenny, (Pipe Organ Co.) established Von Jenny Organ Co., 1892, factory in Corona, NY, office in Flushing, NY; shop burned, 1921
Rudolf von Beckerath Hamburg, Germany 1949-1976
Votey Organ Co. Detroit, Michigan, 1897–1898.
Gottlieb F. Votteler Cleveland, Ohio 1855-1894
Henry B. Votteler Cleveland, Ohio ca. 1894-1903
Votteler-Hettche Co. Cleveland, Ohio 1903-1914
Votteler-Holtkamp-Sparling Cleveland, Ohio 1914-1951; succeeded by Holtkamp Organ Co.
Votteler and Siedle Cleveland, Ohio 1850s
Vox Organo no information
George G. Wacker New York City, NY; active in Bronx, NY, c. 1885-c. 1907
E. Wadsworth Montréal, PQ, Canada, 1902
Wadsworth 19th cent. English
Ronald Wahl established firm in Appleton, WI, 1973; firm bankrupt, 1979
Wahl Organbuilders Appleton, Wisconsin from 1999.
E.F. Walcker Orgelbau Murrhardt-Hausen, Germany
E.F. Walcker & Cie. Murrhardt-Hausen, Germany.
Oliver D. Walker Westfield, MA; Jacksonville, IL, in 1880s; St. Louis, MO, 1888-1918.
J. W. Walker English organbuilding firm from 1827
George Walker No Information
Robert Walker no information
Walker Organ Co. no information
J. W. Walker & Sons British firm; established American subsidiary named J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd. of North America in Worcester, MA, 1986
J.W. Walker & Sons Ltd. Worcester, Massachusetts from 1986
Walker Technical Established by Bob Walker 1973, firm makes electronic components for organs, including digital reproduction of organ stops
Ed Wall Indianapolis, Indiana
David E. Wallace Apprenticed with Andover Organ Co. of MA; Maine from 1980s, service
Robert William Wallace no information
David E. Wallace & Company LLC Maine from 1980s
R.W. Wallin Pipe Organs Tacoma, Washington
David Walsh Amateur Builder
C.M. Walsh Pipe Organ Builders Collingdale, Pennsylvania, est. 1995
Waltham Church Organ Factory 'E. W. Lane' (q.v.); established by Emory W. Lane in Waltham, MA, 1890; operated by George S. Hutchings firm, 1908-1911; Lane resumed operation, 1912-c. 1920
Matthias Wandel no information
Johann Traugott Wandke Born Silesia, Prussia; immigrated to Galveston, TX 1855; Roundtop, TX, 1860-70
Wangerin Organ Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1924-1942
Wangerin-Weickhardt Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ca. 1912–1924.
Richard Warburton No information
Charles Ward Kentucky, 1970s
Eugene Ward Louisville, Kentucky
Jack Ware Salt Lake City 1965
Samuel Russell Warren Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1830; Providence, Rhode Island, 1826-1836; Montréal, Canada, 1836–1879; Toronto, Canada, c. 1880.
Wayne T. Warren Detroit, Michigan, 1980s; Florida, 1990s
Warren Church Organ Co. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada from 1907
S. R. Warren & Sons Montreal, PQ, Canada, 1879; relocated to Toronto, ON, Canada, c. 1880; associated with Vocalion Co. of Worcester, MA, 1889; firm sold to Dennis W. Karn as Karn-Warren Organ Co., 1896
Washington Church Organ Philip A. Larson, Spokane, Washington 1990s
Charles Wassberg No information
Watersmith Pipe Organs Partnership of Robert N. Waters and Andrew T. Smith in Hartford, VT; active in Enfield, NH, 1989-96
John Watson Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia
Watters No information available.
Webber & Borne Organ Builders Louisville, Kentucky
Webber Pipe Organs Louisville, Kentucky
Orgelbau Wech German Builder from 2001
Orlando Weed Pennsylvania, 1840s-50s
Fred C. Weickhardt Milwaukee WI 1924-1964
Weickhardt Organs A brand name of the Hann-Wangerin-Weickhardt and Wangerin-Weickhardt firms of Milwaukee, WI, 1903-1924
Henry Robert Weiland Milwaukee, Wisconsin, mid 1960s-1972.
Wayne Weingarten Associates no information
Weingartner Pipe Organs Springsboro, Ohio from 1991
Friedrich Weissenborn Braunschweig, Germany 1960's
R. Joseph Weissinger no information
Weiss & Turney Worked in New York City, 1960s
Welte-Mignon Corporation [Welte Organ Co.] Succeeded Welte & Sons Co. and Welte Organ Co.; 1925-1929
Welte Organ Co. No distinguishing information available.
Welte-Tripp Organ Corporation Succeeded Welte-Mignon Corp.; established Donald F. Tripp in South Beach, CT, by 1930; acquired by Kimball firm, 1931
Welte-Whalon Organ Co. Portsmouth, Rhode Island 1940s-1960s.
Wendhack Organ Co. Indian Harbor, Florida
Robert J. Wervey Alliance, Ohio
Coe Wescott No distinguishing information available.
Wesley Pipe Organ Co. Wasco, California from 1980s
John Wessel Organs Vermont, after 1950s.
John Wessell & William Brys Vermont
John West San Francisco, CA, c. 1955; in Pleasant Hill, CA, c. 1980s
Harold Westover Established firm with Allene Westover in Walpole, NH, c. 1970s
Peter Wetzel With Barckhoff Organ Co. of Basic, VA, 1917, manager.
Mark E. Wetzel Waynesboro, Virginia ca. 1950-1970
Thomas W. Whalley Oakland, California ca. 1890; Berkeley, California 1892-1905
Whalley & Genung Oakland, California ca. 1890
Raymond Whalon established Welte-Whalon firm of Portsmouth, RI
Austin Wheeler Built 1858 organ in Windham Co. [VT]
Roscoe Wheeler relocated a Moller ca. 1975
Scott E. Wheeler Liberty, Tennessee from 1989.
E. A. White Active in Philadelphia, PA, 1897-1908
Glenn D. White Established Olympic Organ Builders of Seattle, Washington, ca. 1968
Vernon H. White Pipe Organ Services Apprentice with Rudolf von Beckerath of Hamburg, Germany; operated firm in St. Petersburg, FL, 1985- to at least 1989
Walter Whitehouse no information
White Organ Co. Lansing, Michigan
Franklin S. Whiting New Haven, CT; active there c. 1832; died 1834
Robert B. Whiting B. 1918 Germantown PA, Professor of mathmatics and organist, author, organ restorer, d. 1996
Jonas Prescott Whitney Began organ work, 1841; in Springfield, MA, 1845 with son Josiah D. Whitney; pipe and reed organs; established reed factory in Worcester, MA, 1853, sold firm to Estey, 1865; died 1879
A.P. Whiton Methuen, Massachusetts 1910-1924
George H. Whittier no information
Frank C. Wichlac & Associates Chicago, Illinois 1950s.
Louis, John, and Adolph Wick Highland IL from 1906
Louis Wick Bros. Highland, Illinois ca. 1905
Wicks Organ Co. Highland, Illinois from 1906.
Wicks Highland, Illinois from 1906. (Alternate nameplate)
Wicks Pipe Organ Co. Highland, Illinois, from 1906.
Wicks/Rodgers TO BE DELETED
Widener and Company John T. Widener, Atlanta
Jeff Daehn no information
Bartholomew Wiener with Kimball firm of Chicago, IL, c. 1900-1919
R. Joseph Wiessinger Bellaire, Florida; representing Reuter firm of Lawrence, KS
David Kenneth Wigton West Springfield, Massachusetts, 1972; Detroit, Michigan, 1977; Highland Park, Michigan, 1983.
Wigton Pipe Organs (Dryden, MI 1970's to present)
Richard Wild Active in Culver City, CA, 1982
Alfred Wild No information available.
Karl Wilhelm Karl Wilhelm, Inc. St. Hyacinthe and Mont St. Hilaire, Canada from 1966
Wilhelmy Organbuilders Xavier Wilhelmy. Staunton, Virginia from 1997
J. H. Willcox & Co. John Henry Willcox, Boston (?) Active 1864-1872 with various firms; established J. H. Willcox & Co., 1869
Richard Sugden Williams (& Sons) Operated firm in Hamilton or Kingston, ON, Canada, 1849; established R. S. Williams (& Sons) of Toronto, ON, Canada, 1854
Williams Organ Service Robert Williams, Swampscott, Massachusetts, 1950s
William B. Williams New York City, ca. 1884-1894
W.B. Williams Alternate nameplate: William B. Williams
J. C. Williams New Orleans, Louisiana 1950s
James C. and Nora Williams New Orleans, Louisiana
Williamson-Warne & Associates Hollywood, California 1986
Williams Organ Co. Greenland, New Hampshire
Williams Pipe Organs no information
R. S. Williams & Sons Toronto, ON, Canada, 1854-1902
Henry 'Father' Willis London, England 1821-1901
David Wilson With Thomas Appleton of Boston, MA, 1834
William M. Wilson New York City, New York, 1874-1883.
Don Wilson Michigan, ca. 2000
J.C. Wilson and Associates East Liverpool, Ohio
Walter Wilson and Associates Colorado Springs, Colorado from 1980s
W.E. Wilson and Associates Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wilson-Bolan Organ Co. Providence, Rhode Island, by 1895; last listed, 1921.
Fred W. Wimberley Representative of the Welte firm of NY in Chicago, IL, 1928
John Wind Born 1783; son of Philip Windt; active in Lancaster, PA, c. 1814-1830, piano and organ builder; died 1858
Philipp Wirsching B. 1858 in Germany; to U.S. 1886; Salem Ohio, 1888; Detroit, 1894-96; Chicago, c.1896-98; Salem Ohio, 1898-1917. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1919-1926
Wirsching Organ Co. Salem, Ohio, 1888; incorporated, 1905; succeeded by Wirsching-Binder Co., 1914.
Wirsching-Peloubet Organ Co. Succeeded Wirsching-Binder firm; brief partnership of Eugene Binder, Clarence E. Wirsching and Leonard Peloubet in Salem, OH, 1919; firm acquired by M. P. Möller of Hagerstown, MD.
Wisconsin Pipe Organ Factory Established by Bernard Schaefer and his sons 1875; firm renamed B. Schaefer & Sons, c. 1910
Wisconsin Pipe Organ Factory; B. Schaefer & Sons Co. Nameplate 1910s
Wissinger Organs Portsmouth, New Hampshire from 1980s
Gerald Woehl German builder, twentieth century
Kenneth Wolfe With Casavant, 1980s
Hellmuth Wolff & Associés Laval, PQ, Canada from 1968
Gary Wolterman Columbus, Montana
Granville Wood & Son Detroit, Michigan 1870-84; Northville, Michigan 1884-89.
Granville Wood Detroit 1865-1884; Northville, MI, 1884; Detroit 1889-1900
Thomas Wood / Thomas Wood & Associates Indianapolis, Indiana 1975-1980; partner with John W. Goulding in Goulding & Wood of Bloomington, IN, 1980-2003
Thomas H. Wood Active in Corona {New York City}, NY, by 1921 to after 1926.
William Wood Pipe Organ Co. Portland, Oregon 1924-1944.
Wm. Wood Portland, Oregon
David Woodall Atlanta, Georgia 1930s-60s
James Woodberry Boston, Massachusetts; 1880s-1899.
Jesse Woodberry (& Co.) Boston, Massachusetts, 1880s-1910.
Woodberry & Harris Boston, Massachusetts 1888-1893.
Woodstock Organ Builders Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 1922-1948.
George Wooten No Information
William M. Worden Associated with Homer Blanchard of Delaware, OH, ca. 1971 and briefly as employee; active in Detroit, MI, 1970s, restorations and rebuilding
Henry Worley Columbus, Ohio 1908-1938
Rudolph Wurlitzer Established Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co., 1856;
The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. Alternate Nameplate: Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co.
Farny Reginald Wurlitzer Son of Rudolph Wurlitzer; with Wurlitzer firm, in North Tonawanda, NY early 1909-1966
Rudolph Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. Chicago and DeKalb, Illinois from 1856 through 1940s.
S. S. Hammil No information available
Wallace Yater No information available.
Munetaka Yokota Apprentice with Hiroshi Tsuji of Japan; with John Brombaugh of Eugene, OR, c.1980-1985; in Chico, CA; active in 1988
John Yousling no information
J. Zamberlan & Co. Richmond, OH, 1985; with Noack firm of Georgetown, MA, 1987; Wintersville, Ohio from 1999
John Ziegler Born 1795; in Skippack, PA; farmer, chamber organbuilder; active 1830s-1850s; died 1852
William Zeiler California
Zemke No Information Available
Ziegenfelder Home installation, ca. 2004
Stanley Ziembienske No information
Zimmer Utility name, used when the Database receives incomplete information
Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders Denver, North Carolina, from 1992.
Cornel Zimmer Charlotte, North Carolina, 1988; Denver, North Carolina, from 1990s.
Cornel Zimmer & Associates Alternate nameplate
Zimmerman Organ Company no information
Zimmer Organ Co. no information
W. Zimmer & Sons, Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina from 1964
Jay Zoller With Bozeman firm of Deerfield, NH, by 1983; with Andover firm of Lawrence, MA, 1988 to at least 1991
Zollman Pipe Organ Service Wichita, Kansas
Victor I. Zuck New York State, 1950s
Zuckerman No information
William Zweifel With Wicks firm of Highland, IL, c. 1915; with Reuter-Schwarz firm of Trenton, IL, c. 1917


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