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Ste. Hyacinthe, Québec 1879-1994; after 1994 as "Casavant Frères."

Additional Notes

  • From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders, revised edition, by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1997). —

    Established by the brothers Joseph-Claver Casavant Jr. and Samuel Casavant in St. Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada, 1879; the Canadian firm also operated a branch factory in South Haven, Michigan, 1912–1918.

    The firm was purchased by a New Brunswick furniture manufacturer in 1976; subsidiary in Plano, Texas, 1985; reorganized as a limited partnership in 1994 — thereafter doing business under the name " Casavant Frères."

    Staff (from 1879 to 1991):
    Roger Lemonde; Yvette Lemonde; Narcisse Lepage; Jean-Guy Lessard; Ludger Lessard; Andrée Letendre; Huguette Letendre; Léo Letendre; Lucienne Letendre; Philibert Letendre; Alp. Lethiecq; Arthur Lethiecq; Evariste Lethiecq; Jean-Guy Lethiecq; Arthur Letiecq; Fernand Létourneau; Jean-Paul Létourneau; Irenée Létourneau; Germain Létourneau; Jean-Baptiste Létourneau; Gabriel Lévesque; Joseph Lincourt; Marcel Lincourt; Marcel Lincourt; Rolland Loiselle; Gérard Lord; Aimé Lusignan; Georges-Henri Lusignan; Alphonse Lussier; Delveni Lussier; Louis McCaffrey; (Ludger?) Madore; Ludger Madore; Denis Mailiot; Ole G. Malmquest; Jean Malo; Henri-Paul Maranda; Roger Maranda; Joseph Marchessault: Georges Marcoux; Gilles Martel; Louis Martel; Adrien Martin; Omer Martin; Napoléon Massé; Marcel Massicotte; Armand Mathieu; Jacques Mathieu; Charles-Henri Matte; Pierre Maurice; Rollande Maynard; Georges Ménard; Léon Ménard; Marc Ménard; James Mercer; William Henry Mercer; Albert Messier; Gaston Messier; Gilles Messier; Hormidas Messier; Isidore Messier; J. Messier; Jacqueline Messier; Jean-Guy Messier; Lionel Messier; Maurice Messier; Ovila Messier; Pauline Messier; Rodolphe Messier; Roger Messier; Armand Méthot; Réjeanne Méthot; Laurent Meunier; Roméo Meunier; Yves Michaud; Réal Michon; Jacques Mignot; Alexis Milette; Ronald Miller; Harry J. Milliman; Louis G. Monette; Cuthbert Monfils; Denis Mongeau; Jean-Louis Mongeau; Joseph Montambault; L. Montambault; J. A. Raoul Morel; Léo Morel; Léon Morel; Léonard E. Morel; Lorenzo Morel; Robert G. Sr. Morel; Gaston Morice; Laurent Morier; Laurent Morin; Lucien Morin; Oliva Morin; Pierre Morin; Aimé Morissette; Fernand Morissette; Roland Morissette; Louis-Philippe Nadeau; Ren Nault; Nault; Jean-M. Nicol; A. Normand; Fred Nash Oliver; Jean Ouellet; Mastai Ouellet; Gilles Paquette; Cécile Paradis; Charles Paradis; Gérard Paradis; Jean-Guy Paradis; Henri Paré; Roger Parent; Gérard Parenteau; Albert Paris; Paul-Emile Paris; Joseph Parizeau; Michael C. Payne; André Pelletier; Laurent Pelletier; Ernestine Pépin; Joseph E. Pépin; René-Jean Pépin; Robert Pépin; C. H. Perrault; Michael Perrault; Aimé Perreault; Gérard Perreault; Normand Perron; Denis Petit; Gemma Petit; Germain Petit; Henri Petit; Lorraine Petit; Marcel Petit; Maurice Petit; Paul Petit; Lilianne Phaneuf; Paul-Emile Phaneuf; Phaneuf; Robert Phaneuf; Lawrence I. Phelps; Azarie Philie; Joseph Philie; Toussaint Philie; Raynald Philippon; Jean-Guy Picard; Roger Piché; Joseph Pichette; Jean-Paul Pinault; Joseph Pinault; Yvon Pinault; Georges Pineault; Réal Pineault; Fernand Pinsonneault; Jean-Louis Pion; Arthur Plamondon; Robert Plamondon; Jean-Guy Plante; Réal Plante; Jacques Plouffe; Albert Poitras; Gisle Poitras; Jean-Baptiste Poitras; Léopold Poitras; Pierrette Poitras; Fernand Pothier;Thérése Rochefort; Bruno Rocheleau; Jacquelin Rochette; Antonin Rodier; Henry Rodier; Jules Rouleau; Cécile Rousseau; Marcel Rousseau; Aimé Roy; Edmond Roy; Gilles Roy; Guy Roy; Irenée Roy; Jacques Roy; Jean-Guy Roy; Jean-Louis Roy; Joseph Roy; Léopold Roy; Louis-Paul Roy; Paul Roy; Thomas Ruggles; Albert G. Jr. Sabol; Jean-Marie St-Amand; L. St-Amand; Roland St-Cyr; Sylvain St-Georges; Marcel St- Germain; Robert St-Jacques; Thérése St-Jacques; Adrien St-Jean; Célyne St-Jean; Odette St-Jean; Maurice St-Jean; Gérard St-Onge; Robert St-Onge; Edouard St-Pierre; Emile St-Pierre; Pauline St-Pierre; Pauline St-Pierre; Rolland St-Pierre; Marcel St-Roch; Yves St-Roch; Robert Samson; Rolland Samson; Auguste Sansoucy; Georges Santoire; Luc Santoire; Victor Santoire; Alexis Savaria; Jack Schaefer; Jacob Schaefer; Stanley R. Scheer; Judith Séguin; Cyrille Sénécal; Gaston Sénécal; Mario Sénécal; Paul-Emile Servais; Paul-Guy Servais; G rard Seyer; John F. Shawhan; Philip Sheridan; Gaston Simoneau; Pierre Sirois; Denis Soly; Napoléon Soly; Stephen Stoot; Isidore Tanguay; Jean-Paul Tanguay; Albany Tarte; Arthur R. Temple; Jacques Tétrault; Esdias Tétreault; Lorenzo Tétreault; Marcel Tétreault; Georges Théberge; Gaétan Thériault; Paul Thériault; Guy Thérien; Marcel Thibault; Rollande Thiffault; Joseph Touchette; Claude Tourigny; Henri Tourigny; Gérard Tousignant; Yves Tousignant; P. A. Tremblay; Joseph Trempe; Hermas Trudeau; Raymond Turcotte; David Turner; John Underwood; Arséne Valcourt; Roméo Valcourt; Gerald W. Van Deventer; Réal Veilleux; William C. Verney; Paul-Omer Viau; Denis Viger; Eberhard Walker; Karl Wilhelm; Kenneth Wolfe; Hellmuth Wolff.


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  • From the OHS PC Database Builders Listing editor, Mar 20, 2016 —

    The Casavant firm, like its American competitor, M. P. Moller, followed the dictum 'stay in the main stream.' It was not an innovator in matters of style, but neither was it on the trailing edge. To this end, the firm chose its tonal directors based upon where the company wished to go rather than looking for someone to preserve a heritage of a particular style, or an innovator who would create a new style by experimentation and slow evolution. The company moved swiftly from one style to another as a deliberate choice, each new tonal director signaling the start of a new stylistic period. Thus the company moved from late French Romantic to early 20th century British to northern European neo-Baroque (the 'Bach' organ) and back to French Romantic with turns to American Classic or British 'cathedral' as requested by the client.

    Tonal Directors:
    Claver Casavant 1879-1932
    Stephen Stoot 1932-1958
    Lawrence Phelps 1958-1972
    Gerhard Brunzema 1972-1981 (The firm changed owners during this period.)
    Jean-Louis Coignet 1981-2004
    Jacquelin Rochette 2004-


    • Casavant website, Casavant Frères, Accessed March 24, 2016.
    • Orpha Ochse, The History of the Organ in the United States (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1975),

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Couplers and builder's nameplate. Photograph by Bruce Cross

Couplers and builder's nameplate. Photograph by Ray Ahrens

Builder's nameplate. Photograph by Ray Ahrens

Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by Chad Boorsma

Builder's Nameplate (rebuild). Photograph by Chad Boorsma

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Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by William T. Van Pelt

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Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by Chad Boorsma

Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by Chad Boorsma

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Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by William T. Van Pelt

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Builder's Nameplate. Photograph by Rodney J. Weed

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Console Close-up: Manual, Couplers, and Builder\'s Nameplate. Photograph by Harper Craft