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Boston, Massachusetts 1872-1881

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  • From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991). —
    Firm established by Elias and George G. Hook in Salem, MA, 1827 as E. & G. G. Hook; relocated to Boston, MA, 1831.

    E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings established by Elias Hook, George G. Hook and Frank Hastings in Boston, MA, 1872; firm headed by Hastings after 1881 as Hook & Hastings; relocated to Kendal Green, MA, 1889; incorporated, 1895; liquidated, 1936.

    Staff: Anderson; Nicolas Svendson Bach; (J. L. Bamford?); Henry Bartlett; Moritz Baumgarten, Jr.; Robert J. Bennett; Paul L. Benz; Martin P. Berg; Carrol Berry; James L. Bickforth; Arthur Bolton; Henry W. Bowen; Joseph Brady; William A. Braithwaite; A. W. Brodrick; Richard J. Brooks; Albert L. Brown; Cadwater; Frederick Campkin; Victor Carlson; Chaffin; Joseph Chase; Jas. L. Clark; Arthur L. Coburn; James Cogswell; James Cole; Joseph Cooper; John H. Corrie; Andrew DeCourcy; Alfred C. Earle; Frederick J. Flaherty; C. B. Floyd; Arthur Gilson; William C. Greenwood; William E. Greenwood; Charles W. Griffiths; John Guthrie; Harry Hall; Samuel S. Hamill; Herbert C. Harrison; Anna C. Hastings; Henry P. Holland; Frederick Clapp Hook; George S. Hutchings; Norman Jacobsen; Henry D. Kimball; William B. King; Jaeger; E. J. Kilburn; Edward J. King; Stephen P. Kinsley; Edward Lahaise; Erasme Lahasie; Henri Lahaise; Horace Lahaise; Emory Warren Lane; William W. Laws; Octavius Marshall; Irving E. Maynard; (Merrwagen?); M. H. Millard; Franz A. Moesch; Charles H. Moor; George A. North; Andrew Olson; Conrad Olson; J. Olson; Samuel Pierce; Mark H. Plaisted; Charles S. Plumer; Henry J. Poole; Alfred R. Pratt; Thomas J. Quinlan; Roland Rand; C. C. Richards; Charles Richards; George S. Richards; George H. Ryder; Scott; Shellard & McCraith; William B. D. Simmons; Hans Steinmeyer; Henry Strum; Edward A. Tilton; Thomas R. Todd; Harry F. Van Wart; Melvin Weber; Charles J. Whittaker; John Henry Willcox; J. B. Wilson; James Woodberry; Jesse Woodberry; Charles F. Winder; Carl T. Young; George Zimmer.

  • Summary narrative from Scot Huntington: --

    Francis Henry Hastings was born in 1836 in Weston, Massachusetts. He joined E. & G.G. Hook in 1855 and fought as a member of the Grand Army of the Republic 1862-1865.

    He became a junior partner in 1866 with purchase of $6,666 note from Hook brothers. He subsequently became a full partner in 1871, and the nameplate of the company changed to E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings ca. 1871-1872.

    Elias Hook died in 1880, George Greenleaf Hook in 1881, and Hastings bought all business assets from George's widow in October, 1881. The firm built a new factory in Kendal Green, Massachusetts 1887-1889, operating out of Kendal and Boston factories for two years. The firm operated exclusively at Kendal Green from 1889 and formed a "utopian" community for workers around factory.

    Incorporated as Hook & Hastings Company in 1893. First electric action ca. 1895-1896. Son Francis Warren Hastings (b. 1862) named President 1893, died 1903. Arthur Leslie Coburn joined the firm 1897 and became President in 1903. Francis H. Hastings married Arthur's sister Anne 1899. Company name styled Hook-Hastings Co. in ca. 1905 catalog. Francis H. Hastings died in 1916, and the firm was again styled Hook & Hastings Co. in 1917 catalog.

    Arthur Coburn died 1931, and Alfred Pratt was President 1931-1935. Company closed in 1935, and Anne Hastings had factory buildings torn down 1936. The corporation was dissolved in 1937.

  • After leaving Hook and Hastings, various staff members would form their own firms:

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E & GG Hook & Hastings Nameplate. Photograph by Jim Cook

Andover Nameplate from 1983 restoration (May 2014). Photograph by Ed Igoe

Manuals and E & G.G. Hook & Hastings Nameplate (May 2014). Photograph by Ed Igoe