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As "Orgue Providence" Providence, Quebec, 1946-78; as Guilbault-Therien 1978-84; relocated to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec 1985; became Guilbault Bellvance Carignan 2001

Additional Notes

  • From the OHS PC Database, derived from A Guide to North American Organbuilders by David H. Fox (Organ Historical Society, 1991). —

    Established by Maurice Guilbault and Antonio Delage in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, 1946; renamed when Guy Thérien became partner; active in 1985.

    Staff: David Baker; André Guilbault.


    • American Organist, May 1985, 59.

  • From the OHS Database Builders Listing editor, September 6, 2016. —

    Founded in 1946 as Orgue Providence in the village of La Providence, Quebec. The partnership between Maurice Guilbault and Antonio Delage started as an organ supply firm and gradually expanded into building organs. Andre Guilbault, son of Maurice, joined the firm in 1955. After Maurice retired, Andre became head of the firm. Guy Therien, a voicer at Casavant, joined the firm in 1968, and later became a partner. In 1969, the firm began building mechanical action instruments, although it also continued to construct and service electropnuematic organs.

    The firm name was changed to Guilbault-Therien in 1978. The firm relocated to St. Hyacinthe, Quebec in 1985. Andre retired in 1992, Alain Guilbault (no relation) became a partner and continued the firm with Guy Therien until Therien's death in 2001. Alain Guilbault then reconstituted the firm with new partners as Guilbault Bellvance Carignan.


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