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The list below contains links to documents that have been added to the Pipe Organ Database in recent weeks, with the most recent user-contributions appearing first in the list.

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  1. Ithaca, New York. St. Luke Lutheran Church. Organ by Juget-Sinclair, 2015.
    • Organ Brochure Information about the 2015 Juget-Sinclair, as distributed at dedication recitals
  2. San Angelo, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by M. P. Möller, 1908.
  3. Upper Marlboro, Maryland. St. Thomas Episcopal. Organ by Daniel Dufford, 2016.
  4. Minnetonka Beach, Minnesota. St. Martin's by the Lake Episcopal Church. Organ by J. F. Nordlie Co., 1988.
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  7. Bethesda, Maryland. St. Jane Frances de Chantal R.C. Church. Organ by Lively-Fulcher Organbuilders, 2013.
    • Dedication Program Recital program, photographs, performer biography (Russell Weismann), organ stoplist, calendar of events, 2013-11-17.
  8. -----
    • Contract for new organ Cover letter from Mark Lively with summary philosophy and payment details; organ description, stoplist, drawings of console layout, facade drawing and rendering., 2010-09-17.
  9. -----
    • Dedication Mass Program Program/Pew bulletin for Mass, with music for chants and hymns, and texts of choral music, 2013-11-17.
  10. Saginaw, Michigan. First Congregational Church. Organ by Scott Smith Pipe Organs, LLC, 2013. (Originally built by Skinner Organ Co., 1928)
  11. -----
  12. East Saginaw, Michigan. First Congregational Church. Organ by Wm. A. Johnson, 1869.
  13. Springfield, Ohio. High Street Methodist Church. Organ by A. B. Felgemaker Co., 1881.
  14. Springfield, Ohio. High Street Methodist Church. Organ by A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co., 1942.
  15. Sandusky, Michigan. St. John's Episcopal Church. Organ by Dana Hull, 1990. (Originally built by M. P. Möller, 1898)
  16. Waco, Texas. First Presbyterian Church. Organ by Range Organ Co., 1990. (Originally built by Henry Pilcher's Sons, 1924)
  17. Cambridge, Massachusetts. Residence: E.Power Biggs. Organ by Schlicker Organ Co., 1953.
  18. London, Ohio. First United Methodist Church of London. Organ by Muller Pipe Organ Company, 2010. (Originally built by Durthaler Organ Company, 1959)
  19. Lakewood, New Jersey. Residence: A. B. Claflin / Charles A. Strong. Organ by The Aeolian Co., 0. (Originally built by The Aeolian Co., 1894)
  20. Gilbertville, Massachusetts. The Stone Church (Trinitarian Congregational Church). Organ by Wm. Johnson & Son, 1874.
    • Let Joy Resound! Program for events April 16-17, 2016; organ photograph and stoplist, 2016-04-16.
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  22. St. Louis, Missouri. Second Baptist Church. Organ by J. H. & C. S. Odell & Co., 1879.
  23. Phoenix, Arizona. First Baptist Church. Organ by The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., 1929.
  24. Bessemer, Alabama. First United Methodist. Organ by W. W. Kimball Co., 1930.
    • Organ Recital Program for first recital on the organ, with a description of the instrument on the fourth page., 1930-03-14.