Austin Organ Co., Opus 172, 1906

St. Paul's Community Church
Chicago, Illinois

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.
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Traditional style console. There is an attached keydesk en fenêtre.

Two manuals. 14 stops. 13 ranks.

Austin Universal Air Chests(©).

Stop keys above top manual. Combination Action: Fixed mechanical system.


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  • From The Stopt Diapason Winter 2007/2008
    Chicago, Illinois
    Saint Paul Community Church
    1906 Austin Organ Company opus 172
    Great Organ (Manual I):
    16' Bourdon (wood, 61 pipes)
    8' Open Diapason (scale 43, metal, 61 pipes)
    8' Dulciana (scale 55, metal, 61 pipes)
    8' Clarabella ("2 bars.," wood, 61 pipes)
    4' Octave ("Reg.," metal, 61 pipes)
    4' Flute d'Amour (hand-written addition to contract, "prepared for in console and space left on Great chest")
    Swell to Great Sub
    Swell to Great Unison
    Swell to Great Octave
    Swell Organ (Manual II, enclosed):
    8' Open Diapason (scale 46, metal, 73 pipes)
    8' Viole d'Orchestre ("Reg," tin, 73 pipes)
    8' Echo Salicional ("Reg," tin, 73 pipes)
    8' Rohr Flöte ("2 bars.," wood, 73 pipes)
    4' Harmonic Flute ("#3," metal, 73 pipes)
    8' Cornopean (metal, 73 pipes)
    8' Oboe (hand-written addition to contract, metal, 73 pipes)
    Swell Sub
    Swell Unison Off
    Swell Octave
    Pedal Organ:
    16' Double Open Diapason (wood, 32 pipes)
    16' Bourdon (from Great, 16' Bourdon)
    16' Flute (hand-written addition to contract, from Great, 16' Bourdon)
    Great to Pedal Unison
    Swell to Pedal Unison
    Swell to Pedal Octave 
     [Received from Connor Annable 2012-06-06.]