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Christ Church, Episcopal
Quincy, Massachusetts.

Original document from Scot Huntington. Stoplist reconstructed from extant pipework


Quincy, Massachusetts
Christ Church, Episcopal

Organ by Cole & Woodberry, ca. 1893

Known stopnames taken from extant pipework markings
[] conjectural stops from toeboard examination

Compasses: 58/27

GREAT (unenclosed)

8' Open Diapason     1-22 facade, pipes extant
8' Dulciana          1-11 facade, pipes extant
8' [Melodia]
   Spare             unused toeboard
4' [Octave]
   ?                 4' Flute or 3' Octave Quint

(enclosed with Swell)
2' Super Octave
   [Mixture 3 Rks.]  Prepared-for
8' Trumpet
   Spare             unused toeboard

SWELL (enclosed)

16' Bourdon Treble    wood, tenor-c
16' Bourdon Bass      Prepared-for
8'  Violin Diapason   1-12 wood
8'  Stopped Diapason  wood; Doppel Flute from c25
8'  Salicional        1-6 Quintadena
8'  Celeste           tenor-c
4'  Gemshorn          not original?
2'  Flageolet         cylindrical
8'  Oboe
4'  Rohr Flute        (1969) 1-12 wood/Laws; then 19th-c. metal

PEDAL (unenclosed)

16' [Open Diapason]
16' [Bourdon]

couplers and accessories unknown 


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