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Santa Clara Mission Church
Santa Clara, California.

Stoplist copied from the San Jose AGO Website


    Santa Clara, California
    Santa Clara Mission Church

    Kenneth Simpson organ, with Schantz
    supplying all the parts as #P040

    GREAT               SWELL                  PEDAL

 8' Copula           8' Holzgedackt        32' Bourdon          (elec)
 4' Principal        8' Viola              16' Subbass
 2' Waldfloete       8' Viola Celeste       8' Principal
IV  Mixture          4' Rohrfloete          8' Holzgedackt SW
    Sub              2' Principal           4' Choral Bass
    Unison Off   1 1/3' Quinte              4' Waldfloete  SW
    Super          III  Scharf              2' Choral Bass
                     8' Petite Trompette   32' Contre Trompette (elec)
                        Tremulant           8' Trompette   SW
                        Sub                 4' Trompette   SW
                        Unison Off

               [Received from Jeff Scofield May 13, 2017]

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