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St. John's German Lutheran Church, Northside
Pittsburgh: Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Original document from Steven Bartley. May 10 1870 pg4 Der Deutsche Correspondent- Baltimore, MD


Pittsburgh: Allegheny, Pennsylvania
St. John's German Lutheran Church, Northside

Organ by August B. Pomplitz   1870
2 manuals, 25 registers

16 Rohrbourdon
 8 Principal
 8 Dulciana
 8 Gedackt
 8 Melodia
 4 Principal
 4 Rohr Flute
2-2/3 Quint
 2 Super Octave
 III Mixture
 8 Trumpet

8 Geigen Principal
8 Lieblich Gedackt
8 Gamba
4 Principal
4 Fern Flute
2 Waldflute
8 Oboe
16 Principal Bass
16 Subbass
 8 Violoncello

Bell rope

Case in Gothic style, walnut.
Cost $1000

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