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Trinity Episcopal Church
Vero Beach, Florida.

Typed stoplist From Neal Campbell


Vero Beach, Florida
Trinity Episcopal Church

Morey & Barnes   Opus 166   1896   1 manual, 7 ranks

Built for Welsh Congregational Church, Granville, New York
Restored by Thomas-Pierce, Ltd.                1990
Moved to The Community Church, Vero Beach      1993
Moved to Trinity Episcopal Church, Vero Beach  2011

                    MANUAL (enclosed)
                 8' Open Diapason      58
                 8' Dulciana           58
                 8' Melodia            58
                 4' Principal          58
                 4' Flute (TC)         46
                 2' Super Octave       58

                    PEDAL (unenclosed)
                16' Bourdon            27

                    Pedal Coupler
                    Swell Pedal

[Received from Steven E. Lawson  2017-08-07]

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