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Church of the Epiphany, Episcopal
Seattle, Washington.

Documented by Jim Stettner May 21, 1992


Church of the Epiphany, Episcopal

Seattle, Washington  

AUSTIN ORGANS, INC., Opus 2179, 1952
 - Original Specifications”

GREAT (Expressive)                           COUPLERS
   8     Open Diapason              68          Swell 8                  [to Pedal]          
   8     Harmonic Flute             68          Swell 4                  [to Pedal]
   8     Dolce                      68          Great 8                  [to Pedal]
   4     Octave                     68          Great 4                  [to Pedal]
   II Rk Doublette     [12-15]     122
         Tremolo                                Swell 16                 [to Great]
                                             Swell 8                  [to Great]
   Great 16                                     Swell 4                  [to Great]
   Great On 8
   Great 4
                                             FINGER PISTONS
                                                General                       1 - 8
SWELL (Expressive)                              Swell                         1 - 8
   8     Chimney Flute              68            REV   [Swell to Pedal]      (rev)
   8     Viola                      68            REV   [Swell to Great]      (rev)
   8     Viola Celeste        (tc)  56          Great                         1 - 8
   4     Chimney Flute              12            REV   [Great to Pedal]      (rev)
   8     Trumpet                    68          Sforz                         (rev)
         Tremolo                                0

   Swell 16
   Swell On 8                                TOE STUDS
   Swell 4                                      Pedal                         1 - 6
                                                Great to Ped. Rev.            (rev)
                                                Swell to Ped. Rev.            (rev)
PEDAL (Expressive)                              Swell to Great Rev.           (rev)
   16    Diapason                   32          Sforz                         (rev)
   16    Gedeckt              (Sw)  12
   8     Octave                     12
   8     Gedeckt              (Sw)  –-       PEDAL MOVEMENTS
                                                Swell Expression             (bal.)
                                                Great Expression             (bal.)
                                                Crescendo                    (bal.)

ACTION: Austin E-P Universal ™    VOICES: 10    STOPS: 14    RANKS: 11    PIPES: 722

The organ was originally built for the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Seattle.
It was the parish's second pipe organ, and second Austin. The previous building – now
the chapel – housed a 2-manual, 7-rank Austin, Opus 881 built in 1919.

It was installed in a wide, elevated chamber on the left side of the chancel. The
console was placed opposite the chamber on the right side with the organist facing the
chamber – congregation to the left. The Great was on the right-hand and the Swell on
the left. The Pedal Diapason is of open wood for the first 24 pipes, and the first nine
of those were horizontally mounted behind the two manual swellboxes.

The Austin was removed by Marceau & Associates of Portland, OR. in preparation for the
new III-manual, 45-rank Fritz Noack tracker late in 1997. It was purchased by St. Hilda-
St. Patrick Episcopal Church of Edmonds, WA. and stored there for a few years before
being installed by parishioner Giles Shepherd with help from C. Brantley Duddey of Penn-
sylvania. It replaced a II-manual & pedal, 7-rank Estey reed organ.

Sources: Austin Opus List; JRS; extant organ

Documented: May 21, 1992 by Jim Stettner

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