C. B. Fisk Inc., Opus 68, 1975

OHS Database ID 3649.

University of Vermont
Burlington Vermont 0540_

Concert Hall

The organ is in an unaltered state from its installation as described on this page.

The condition of the organ is in not known or has not been reported to the Database.

We received the most recent update on this organ's state and condition 2009-01-28.
If you can assist us with information concerning the current condition of this organ, please use the form accessible through the "Update" button.

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Organ case, facade, and keydesk. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2012, for the OHS 2013 Calendar

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OHS Convention Organ, 2013.

Three manuals. 31 stops. 45 ranks.

Slider chests. Mechanical key action. Mechanical stop action.



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  • [Composite: several authors]. "Vermont?," The Tracker (Vol. 57, No. 1 [Winter 2013], pp. 23-38). [Convention overview, photographs of instruments]
  • Owen, Barbara J.. "The Fisk at the University of Vermont: Its Evolution and Influence," The Tracker (Vol. 57, No. 2 [Spring 2013], pp.12-16). [Background, evolution of design, history, specification, photographs]

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  • Opus 68 [Fisk web site]. Photograph, links to stoplist, description, additional web sites].[Last accessed 2009-01-28.]

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  • Typed stoplist from the OHS PC Database.
    University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
    1975 Fisk
    (Stoplist: Bruce Corneley 1998)
    Double Open Diapason 16
    Double Stopped Diapason 16
    Principal 8
    Bourdon 8
    Octave 4
    Chimney Flute 4
    Double Tierce  3-1/5
    Doublet 2
    Cornet I & III
    Grosse Fourniture  VI & VIII
    Trumpet 8
    Voix Humaine  8
    Clarion 4
    Bourdon 8
    Prestant 4
    Doublet 2
    Quarte de Nasard  2
    Larigot  1-1/3
    Sesquialtera I & II
    Fourniture IV
    Cromorne 8
    Cornet V
    Prestant 16
    Flute 8
    Flute 4
    Night Horn 4
    Bassoon 16
    Trumpet 8
    As I recall, the Double Open Diapason 16 on the Great also plays in the pedal as a Prestant 16, or 
    else the basses are common. The Great with Double Open Diapason and Double Stopped Diapason at 16, 
    then Principal and Bourdon 8, a Double Tierce and a Grosse Fourniture, and a Doublet 2 tossed in.   
    All topped off with a Trumpet  and Voix Humaine 8!
    The Positive (with an E on the end) has French nomenclature, a Prestant 4, Quarte de Nasard and 
    Larigot, another "Doublet", and a Cromorne;  but wait..... a Sesquialtera!
    RECIT is a short compass Cornet that didn't get a knob!   Just plays all the time.   But when you 
    think about it, not much point in turning on and off the only stop that plays on that keyboard.
    There is a General Tremulant (Tremblant Doux) for the entire organ, although I don't remember which 
    language made it to the knob!
    PEDAL (without an E) has a Prestant with two Flutes, and to complete the French theme a Night Horn, 
    Bassoon and a Trumpet!
    The organ is tuned to Kirnberger III and the room is glorious.  It has a very interesting suspended 
    Positive, cantilevered over the console.