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Hilborne L. Roosevelt, Opus 113, 1883

OHS Database ID 5020.

First Congregational Church
Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230

The state of this organ is unknown to the database, being undocumented or unreported.

(The last update we received about this organ was on the transfer of data from the OHS PC Database, October 30, 2004.)

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Balcony, Console, and Organ Case. Photograph courtesy of Len Levasseur 1973-03-21
Church Exterior. Vintage Postcard; image courtesy of Len Levasseur
Nave, Balcony, and Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2014-09-10
Nave, Balcony, and Organ Case. Photograph by Len Levasseur 2014-09-10

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This organ received OHS Citation number 4, 1975-09-10.

OHS Convention Organ, 2015.

Three manuals. 60 stops. 73 ranks.

Electro-pneumatic (EP) chests.


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