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Anytown, State name
My Church

BuilderName Opus 1, 2012

GREAT                            SWELL                               PEDAL

16     Violone        61 pipes   16     Bourdon doux     61 pipes    32     Resultant           
 8     Open Diapason  61 pipes    8     Violin Diapason  61 pipes    16     Open Wood       32 pipes
 4     Octave         61 pipes    8     Celeste          61 pipes    16     Bourdon         44 pipes
 2 2/3 Quint          61 pipes    4     Principal        61 pipes     8     Octave          32 pipes
 2     Fifteenth      61 pipes    2 2/3 Nazard           61 pipes     8     Bourdon [ext.]
 1 1/3 Mixture IV    244 pipes    2     Blockflöte       61 pipes